It is astonishing how the world is. The best foods that we consider tasty and want to eat every day are bad for the health regarding calories and fat. However, it is not possible to avoid these foods fully. Circumstances will always make us want to take some and calm the skies and the pangs of hunger. The problem is that those preparing these foods, ignore or just don’t have the slightest knowledge of diet and food portions. We thus have to take it upon ourselves to keep off these foods. Those who sell these foods are on a mission to make profits. They have no concern for your health. Mostly, the young people are at a greater risk. They want to grab some food for taking away on their way home from school. This article looks at the top most famous fattening foods that add unnecessary fat to our bodies.

  1. Ice cream

It is a very common food, especially during the hot weather. You will always find long queues at the ice cream shop. Even at home, the fridge is packed with ice cream. Ice cream has got very high quantities of calories. Therefore, when you eat an ice cream treat to help cool your body, you add up to the calories in your body fast. Even if you do not take any other sugar-rich food, some calories you add to your body through a simple ice cream treat is significant. Because ice cream is necessary to help deal with hot weather, especially during summer, light ice creams are recommended. They have limited amounts of calories, but many people do not like them because they are not as sweet as the usual ice creams and taste like the premium brands.

  1. Hot dogs

It is especially common to students and school going kids, especially during games activities. Most people will also buy some to take to the office to accompany the ten o’clock tea. The usual way to make a hot dog is by wrapping some corned bread with cheese and chili. It is a good way to add some energy to your body, especially when you have some game ahead or some challenging task to handle in the various fields. However, you can make it a bit healthier by accompanying it with some relish. It is a high fiber diet and will aid in the absorption of calories from the bloodstream. The fiber helps to keep the hot dog long enough in the stomach for proper digestion. However, you are advised to stick to one hot dog and desist from making it a routine. Hot dogs also contain large amounts of sodium that may not mean good for your health.

  1. Chocolates

In most families, chocolate will be eaten during selected occasions and this includes Easter and Christmas holidays. To others, chocolate is a daily thing, especially as it is tied to a way of showing affection. When eaten sparingly, chocolate has a lot of benefits. However, if you eat in large quantities, you will add a lot of calories and fat to your body leading to fattening.

  1. Brunch

These are foods that many families eat for breakfast. They include butter, cheese, sausages and cream. They are commonly served with buns, pastries or cinnamon rolls. Instead of having these calorie rich foods, it is healthier to have some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Add some fruits and you will have a good day because of the nutrients that you add to your body.

  1. Seasonal beverages

It is especially common for people that work out a lot. They will need some drink to give them energy throughout the workout session. Smoothies, tropical cocktails, and margaritas are the most common. These contain a lot of calories that makes it difficult to get rid of in the workout process. Fluid calories are also believed to add up faster in the body as compared to other calories.

  1. Desserts

As people wait for the main dish, they have some appetizers like nuts and chocolates. However, fitness trends discourage these desserts as most of them are calories landmines.

  1. Salads

These are dangerous as they are an easy food to prepare. Many people will therefore not pay attention to the increased calories that they add to the body by having a salad that is not balanced as a meal.

  1. Processed foods

Most of the processed foods lack their natural ingredients. It is just some flavor added with sweeteners. Hence, it makes them dangerously rich in calories.

  1. Grilled foods

These include foods like beef, chicken, and burgers. They contain a lot of calories and fats. Instead of such foods, you can consider low-fat foods like fruits and veggies.

  1. Nuts

Many people consider eating nuts like coconut and ground nuts as a desert before meals. These foods contain a lot of sugars and calories and will add up your calories pretty fast.


It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet if you take fast foods from your local restaurant. You can change and start cooking in the house so as to control what you take and reduce the intake of numerous calories and fats in the body.


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