Users of Apple Watch now can pick up their health and fitness apps from a wide array of choices. Health and fitness freaks or people needing to track their calories are likely to benefit from this smartwatch.

Though you have a whopping 10,000 apps for Apple Watch in the iTunes Store, all are not useful and relevant for a majority of users and that is why discretion in picking the right app is important. Here we have picked 10 killer health and fitness apps for Apple Watch.

1. Pocket Yoga

All of us know the difficulty in following a yoga class step by step from a YouTube video, as most of us simply fail to concentrate. This becomes tricky when you have to keep your eyes down in a downward facing pose. With Pocket Yoga in your Apple Watch you can keep watching the instruction and movement on your wrist all the time.

  • The app offers different levels of practices designed separately for beginners, intermediates and experts with a session time respectively for 30, 45 and 60 minutes.
  • Besides showing the pose visually it offers detailed statistics on the length of time you are practicing a pose, heart rate and the calories burned in the process.

2. Attivo

This is basically an activity tracker application that allows a recording of various activities like running, jumping, skiing, walking or cycling. The app is very helpful in getting instant data on your activities right from your wrist. The app besides offers a fast paced user-friendly activity tracker that has good location tracker as well.

  • To get a detailed view of your activity all you need to do is swipe the watch screen sideways and the tracked details about your recent activity will appear instantly.
  • Attivo also offers a map view allowing you to check current and earlier locations. This location tracking is very useful in situations when you can get lost.
  • The app is now totally free to download in the store.

3. Runtastic

Runtastic is an Apple Watch app that diversified its presence in the app store by recently bringing three different apps, respectively as Runtastic that is useful to track running using GPS, Runtastic Six Pack for gym trainer and Runtastic Butt Trainer.

  • All three apps offers a feature allowing guidance and training by a digital avatar. This allows following instruction easily without requiring pausing in between movements.
  • Runtastic with three different apps makes a diversified choice for different requirements of physical training and exercise.
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4. Workout

Thanks to the huge response it received from users and its popularity Workout now comes pre-loaded in your Apple Watch. If you are prescribed by a doctor to go through a heavy workout for cardiac or other health reasons this is the Apple Watch app to use during exercise.

  • While undergoing a workout the app can log several aspects related to your exercise and physical reactions like distance, pace, heart rate, etc.
  • The app will also provide updates for halfway marks while walking, cycling or running.
  • As Workout is capable to track all your workout sessions you can easily set goals and just try to cross your personal record.

5. Timers

‘Timers’ is an app for tracking intervals and sessions in gym or workout. By setting a workout routine or multiple workout routines you can track intervals, pauses and sessions.

  • ‘Timers’ basically works as a timer app right on your wrist offering clear session data and interval timing from time to time.
  • Following the gym session you can use Timers for other purposes as well, like setting time for brewing coffee or tea.

6. FitStar

You can browse among multitude of yoga options provided by FitStar and just can run through a session on your wrist. The app helps you in perfecting your poses with cool illustrations and guidance.

  • The app offers detailed illustrations showing each pose.
  • FitStar also helps beginners with perfecting their pose with HD videos.
  • Users can also rate each pose as per difficulty.

7. 7 Minute Workout

For anyone going through a busy schedule and is hard pressed for finding a few minutes of workout, this simple and short app can be the ideal choice. All that 7 Minute Workout needs is a chair, a wall, and the person.

  • With the app on your Apple Watch you can start your session glancing on the wrist while the app continues telling about your progress.
  • It is quick, efficient, lightweight and handy. A perfect app for workout in between a busy schedule.
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8. Lark

Lark is a type of digital health coach that helps you stay healthy and fit by maintaining a log of food and exercises in an easy format. It is more like chatting with your personal trainer regarding your workout, food, sleeping patterns and calorie intake.

  • Through messages it constantly provides insights on your sleeping patterns, the fat content in your diet, your exercise, etc.
  • The Apple Watch version of the app is more handy and lightweight allowing you to maintain logs and get feedback quicker.

9. Lifesum

Being a health conscious eater has become easy these days with smartphone and smartwatch apps guiding you in healthy food choices. Lifesum is such an app that keep track of your eatables and offer insights.

  • Make quick entries of your eatables and track their calorie content, nutrients and detrimental or beneficial factors.
  • Through the app you can also set exercise reminders.

10. HealthTap

Finally, more than activities sometimes is important to become knowledgeable of your health problems, possible remedies and required lifestyle changes. HealthTap offers a powerful tool through which one can get expert answers to numerous health queries.

  • HealthTap offers answers to all your medical questions by 68,000 health practitioners practicing in the U.S.
  • It can also notify you for taking prescribed medicines and offer reminder for appointment with doctors.

2016-06-12With the second software update of the Apple Watch operating system rolled out in September, the fitness tracking and sharing capabilities of the device have increased to a significant extent. More detailed logs and sharing capability of your regular workout achievements, these new attributes made this watch an even smarter company for your workout sessions.

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