It does not matter whether you are a college or university student, iPad is a tool which is now widely used for educational, professional and personal purposes. Take a look at the following few iPad apps that are a must-have for every student:

1. BookBargain

Students will never need to pay the full price for their textbooks with BookBargain. This app finds the best deals on the books on various online book stores and brings them right to your iPad.

2. Instapaper

Instapaper comes in very handy when you wish to save a good article for later reading. There is no need for the Wi-Fi. You can easily read the articles right from your iPad whenever you want.

3. iStudiez Pro

With a hectic schedule and busy life, everyone is bound to forget academic activities and homework but not with this app anymore! iStudiez Pro is here to help you with managing all your obligations and assignments. It also sends you quick reminders whenever a due date is near so that you can act fast and complete the tasks.

4. Penultimate

Don’t you find it difficult to jot something down quickly when using iPad? Opening the virtual keyboard, creating a new document and typing become tough when you are in the middle of a lecture, attending a seminar or simply roaming around the streets. But, now you can install the Penultimate app by Evernote in your iPad to take quick notes in a more natural way.

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5. Notes Plus

Gone are the days when students used to lose their notes and other important things they wrote on small pieces of paper. Notes Plus is here to make all your notes easily accessible and well-organized. Download this iPad app and forget the days of lost scribbles.

6. TED

You need cutting-edge lectures whether you are in college, school or a university. Despite the degree you are pursuing, you can find numerous thought-provoking and informative lectures on the iPad’s TED application.

7. Todo for iPad 6

Todo is an amazing task manager for iPad by Aping. It makes remembering even the smallest detail a breeze with its brilliant UI. Now you do not have to worry about completing tasks, accomplishing goals, submitting papers on time and a lot more with this amazing app in iPad. Todo also features live badge updating and multitasking for the convenience of the users.

8. Articles for iPad

Can’t find anything on the internet for your college research? Worry no more! Wikipedia is the best website that provides you unlimited number of articles for your research and assignments. While it should not be the only source for writing your papers, it is a great place to get started. Articles app allows the students to read Wikipedia articles and review them whenever they want right from their iPads.

9. The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Who likes the periodic table, right? Well, take a look at this app and you will change your opinion in a jiffy. The photos of all elements presented in a glamorous way in this app are going to make the students more eager to learn about chemistry.

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Students need dictionary for almost everything; whether it is an article they are writing or a thesis. Make this app available in your iPad for your rescue whenever you feel stuck at any word.

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