Outdoor kitchens are blazing hot, and we’re not just talking about the grill. Everyone’s heading outside for some summertime cooking, but there’s a problem – all of these outdoor kitchens and grills look the same.

There’s nothing like a little novelty to make your outdoor eating adventures a bit more… Adventurous. People are finding all kinds of amazing new ways to do it, too. Check out these ten for some great ideas to liven up your summer fun.

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The Q BBQ looks a bit like a starship, but that’s only part of what makes it cool. While it’s only the size of a briefcase when it’s folded up, the Q BBQ opens to reveal a gas-powered grill with a 105 square inch cooking surface, dual controls and a wide range of temperatures. It’s even got disposable trays to make cleanup as easy as, you know, disposing of trays.

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Traeger’s Novelty BBQ Grills

Googling outdoor kitchens will inundate your browser with images of sophisticated stonework and polished stainless steel. Sure, they look nice, but what fun are they? There’s really no better way to cook a pork chop than on a grill that looks like a pig, but they also come in a “longhorn steer” variety if you’re more into steaks and burgers.

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The Kamado Cooker

Kamado cookers are a new trend in outdoor cooking, but they’ve been around for centuries. The word “Kamado” is Japanese for “cooking range” or “stove”, and modern units are made using high-quality ceramics that almost never crack (a common problem with the ancient versions).

You can grill on it, of course, but its ability to reach temperatures of up to 750 degrees make it much more versatile than your typical gas burner. Whether you want to cook pizza on a pizza stone or bake yourself some bread, the Kamado grill can do everything you’d do in a regular oven.

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The Hitch Grill Station

There are a few different manufacturers making tailgate grills, but The Hitch Grill Station by StowAway 2 is among the best. Simply put, it’s the dream machine of the season ticket holder. The rack supports coolers and condiments in addition to the Cuisinart grill, and there’s even a removable cutting board.

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If you’d like to make every other grill in the lot feel inadequate, the Hitch Grill Station is the way to do it. Away game this weekend? It snaps on and off for easy use at home.

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The Cook-N-Dine Table

This unique table utilizes an incredibly unique design that lets you cook in center, keep food warm on the inner ring and still eat from the comfortably cool “dining area” on the outer rim. It even features “shallow-dip” technology to keep the cooking juices from getting everywhere. When you’re finished with dinner, just switch it off and it turns back into an everyday, unassumingly awesome table.

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The JAG Grill BBQ Table

While the Cook-N-Dine is a neat idea, the Jag Grill is a better choice if you like cooking with actual fire. Guests can grill their own meals to their own taste – right in front of them. Think DIY hibachi but way, way cooler. Best of all, you can take the top off and enjoy after-dinner conversation over the fire.

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The Auto-Grill

Believe it or not, more than a few people have cut vehicles in half for the sole purpose of turning them into grills. This, of course, is a fabulous idea. While they’ve used everything from old Fords to Army Jeeps, the re-purposed VW Bug shown above is among the best of the bunch.

If you’re not doing anything with that beater in the back yard, it may be time to take some ideas from these folks.

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The HEMI-Powered BBQ Grill

Way back in 2005, Chrysler hosted a contest called “What Can You HEMI?” Apparently, you can HEMI everything from carousels to ice resurfacers, but a man named Tim Kowalec didn’t care about carnival rides or Zambonies. Nope, his 5.7-liter V8 HEMI grill can grill up to 240 hot dogs in 3 minutes.

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He may not have won the contest, but his grill is still winning our hearts.

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The BBQ Shack

Aside from roller coasters and hats with built-in bottle openers, outdoor kitchens are just about the best things in life. They were, anyway. Then Southern Yankee BBQ put a grill on an 8- by 20-foot trailer – complete with air conditioning and six-speaker stereo system – and made everyone reconsider their thoughts on owning a concessions trailer.

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The Big Taste Grill

If you happened to notice the trend, the further you’ve been reading, the bigger things have been getting. Topping off the list is Johnsonville’s Big Taste Grill. It’s 65 feet long, 20 feet tall and six feet in diameter. Its onboard refrigerator holds a half ton of brats, and while that may seem a bit much, you go through quite a few when you’re cooking 2,500 brats per hour.

The company often brings it out for charity events. If you happen to be hosting a (very) large festival benefitting one good cause or another, give them a ring and get this beast rolling!

As you can see, when it comes to outdoor eating there’s simply no need to copy the same old interior designs that make up most outdoor kitchens. If you’re into outdoor cooking, it’s time to kick the entertainment factor into high gear, and with the right grill you can even take that statement literally.

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