Remote work seems like a fad. Sure, the COVID 19 pandemic pushed people worldwide to adapt to a new normal. However, this approach shaped what’s becoming a new normal. 

There are various reasons for that. But, let’s sum it up in these 10. 

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1. Decentralization

Let’s start with this big word – decentralization. Remote work isn’t just about a team of people working from their homes. Then, they could use an app like FOCOS. It’s an app that allows professionals to craft their workspace inside a single app. 

It allows whole teams to easily share data and docs, improving productivity, reducing clutter, helping them to organize better. Especially since workers have more autonomy, and more time to focus on their tasks. 

Now, workers can work independently, using different techs and apps for faster communication. This leads to another benefit, probably the greatest for any business. 


2. Remote Work = Better Organization

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The organization is everything. Whether you are waging a war, running a bakery, or a cryptocurrency exchange, the organization is everything. Businesses had to find a way to increase productivity and profits, without further expenses. 

However, in a traditional business setting, it became unsettlingly hard to make the business more productive. The advent of various HR approaches, company cultures, and various business gurus drowned the performance. 

With remote work, workers can create their workspaces, work on flexible schedules, and achieve more. Also, it gives the management and operations to understand how to make the most out of what they have.  


3. Better Resource Allocation

Resource allocation is all the more important nowadays. Whether you are into marketing, sales, or in the IT department, you have to learn how to use everything at your disposal. 

Now, businesses can set performance indicators for their employees, monitor how they work, and then pivot, reorganize, and set new strategies. Also, workers can ascertain their level of performance, and work to increase their productivity. 

It works great on both ends since it helps everyone make decisions at a faster rate. 


4. Easier Management 

From the management perspective, probably the best thing about remote work is how easy is to manage everything and everyone. Since you are relying on performance indicators, you can check at any time what’s happening with the employees. 

Managers don’t need to spend dozens of hours on analysis. Instead, managers can look through performance indicators and see whether or not individual workers are performing as expected. 

Also, there are various apps to help you with this. And, with the rise of various tech, it becomes even more profitable to run a business. 


5. Remote Work Can Increase Cost Reduction 

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This is more for managers than workers. But, it applies to the workers as well. 

The management can invest more time in business development and spend less time analyzing everything. With performance indicators set in place and tracked, managers could easily weed out unproductive workers and push the productive ones. 

Thus, it leads them to spend more money on marketing and sales improvement, and even perfecting the workflow for the employees. The employees reduce costs by cutting travel costs, food costs, and living expenses. 

The newfound situation helped the remote workers to become even better. 


6. Higher Productivity 

The greatest thing about remote work is increased productivity. While the opponents of the idea emphasize how remote work alienates the people leaving them with less organization, it’s the opposite exactly. 

Remote workers enjoy higher productivity simply because they can work in an environment they create. They have more time to enjoy personal activities, they are using more productivity tools and they are more focused when they are working. 

This all leads to other fantastic benefits for the workers. 


7. Less Stress 

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Working on a deadline isn’t a problem, theoretically speaking. But, when you add a dose of reality to it, it becomes a huge problem. 

Workers have to perform around the clock, and then commute, or even bring the job home with them. The COVID epidemic put even more pressure on them since people are losing their job. And, there’s even a virus to worry about. 

The costs of living are piling up, and that takes a toll on everyone. With remote work, workers can enjoy less stress as they are working from the confines of their homes. They can set everything up, reduce costs, and have more time to pursue activities they like. 


8. More Time For Employees 

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The best perk about remote work, as far as workers are concerned, is time. While the traditional approach included telecommute, as well as other responsibilities, the remote work doesn’t. With remote work, workers can organize their whole life, and still deliver. 

The flexible schedule allows them to have more time for their activities, and to spend more time with their families. Additionally, they’ll have more time to have an actual life, instead of spending time commuting. 

Finally, this corresponds with other perks. And, that’s how much they have to do. 


9. Fewer Responsibilities 

Remember the optimization of work?  

Since the employees have clear goals to follow, they’ll focus on the task and enjoy fewer responsibilities. The office work comes with a lot of psychological clutter. There are a bunch of things to do which aren’t related to the immediate tasks. 

But, the situation is changed now. The clutter is reduced, and workers can focus on what’s important – goals. 

So, productivity increases and the time spent working decreases. The remote worker’s life is a lot better than what it used to be. 


10. Remote Work Meets a Higher Quality of Life

The last piece of the puzzle is the quality of life. However you look at it, the thing workers didn’t have for a long time is a higher quality of life. 

When you look at the business, you look at the profit, organization, and longevity of the business. Rarely, people look at how employees are feeling, and what they need to have a better life. 

What they needed was to disconnect. To have time that’s just for them. Remote work gave them just that. To enjoy work and live life as they see fit. 

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