Sometimes we may be doing things the wrong way and we may not even know it. Most of these things affect us in some way, whether it is health, our personal life and many other areas. A person may want to lose weight but may be doing it the wrong way and may not even know it. Imagine if you had an app that helps you in such matters. An app that helps you make the best lifestyle decisions. Well, you are in luck because there are apps designed to help you improve your lifestyle. I have compiled 11 apps to help you out. Yes, these are some of the biggest tech news right now.

This app can be found on an IPhone for absolutely free. Sometimes we try and self-medicate ourselves and most of the times, we are not even sure of the medication. Well, this app helps you get the information you need. Any information regarding medication, just go to this app and it will give you the needed information. If you are not sure of the name of the drug, you can identify it by entering its shape or color.

Whole Foods Market

This app can be found on an IPhone at no cost. This app helps you get access to thousands of recipes made of healthy foods. You can search by cuisine, ingredients or any other criteria. You can get a recipe by just typing in the ingredients you have, meaning you don’t have to go to the grocery store.


This app can be found on an Iphone for a cheap price of $1.99. Raising kids is not an easy task especially when they are younger since they slip away so easily. This app gives you information on how to deal with minor emergencies such as a bee sting and all others.

My Diet Coach

You can get this app on an IPhone for absolutely free. As we all know weight-loss is tough. The journey is difficult especially if you do not have an accountability partner that is, someone who motivates you to carry on even when you can barely see results. Well, this app does just that. This app is like having a person to motivate you through this journey. Wherever you go, keep a journal to always remind you of what you hope to accomplish and why you are doing it in the first place.

First Aid by American Red Cross

This app can be found on an IPhone for free. We all know that sometimes accidents can happen even while at the house. This app provides you with information on what to do when emergencies happen. It guides you step to step on what to do. It is pre-loaded, meaning you don’t have to use it with Internet. It also provides information on safety tips for disasters such as earthquakes.


This app is absolutely free on an IPhone. It helps you learn to manage your diet plans by creating some meal plans and recipes that are considered healthy. It also has an advantage as it provides coupon and some daily deals on some healthy foods at local groceries making life economical for you.

This app helps you track your movements while you are walking, running or even cycling. It’s an amazing way to ensure that you exercise. It has a GPS that tracks how far you run. The only disadvantage with this app is that it can really drain your battery so always switch it off if you are not using it.

Garmin Fit (wearable gadget)

This app comes to you with a small fee of $0.99. It basically works like the You can use this application to calculate your speed from one place to another. You can also know how far you have gone and even how many calories you have managed to run off.


This app has a 4 star rating on IPhone. It was first designed at Stanford Cancer Institute. For those who have had Cancer or had a close person who has Cancer can relate to the difficult times people go through. This app lessens your burden and helps you keep track of your appointments, procedures and also places where the procedures will take place. Through this app, you can share with other patients and support one another through these tough times.


You can get this app on IPhone at price of $1.99. This app helps you keep track of how medicines make you feel in a certain period. It gives you warning signs or symptoms of certain chronic diseases that you can check out for.

Amwell: Live Doctor Visit Now

You can get this app on IPhone for free. This app puts you in a video call with a doctor to help you whenever you want.


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