Generally, these topics are not related. Who would think about their eyes when they are looking at their feet? There you go. Right there is the connection. Think about balance. You use your feet to ground you and use your eyes to direct you. The rest is natural and you don’t have to actually think about the process at all unless something goes wrong. Keep your feet healthy, comfortable, and strong. Do the same with your eyes and you have a steady walk ahead while seeing all views|  Tips for Healthy Eye and Foot Care.

Go and Get a Checkup

This is usually an easy deal. Sure, your eyes may not be functioning the way they used to, but you can do something about this. Go see an Ophthalmologist. This is important because they are the medical doctors for your eyes. Not only can they improve your vision, they can also catch any eye problems early before the issues become disease.

See a Podiatrist

Among many Tucson doctors, you will find the good foot doctors known as Podiatrists. These are doctors who specialize in feet. If you have any job involving lifting and standing for long periods of time, there could be some problems with your feet. Regardless, it is helpful to get your feet checked and avoid any problems or pain in the future.

Wear Glasses to Strengthen the Eyes

This is actually a thing. They are black glasses with hundreds of little holes in them and you can find them in most health stores. Wear them a couple times a week without your regular glasses or contacts to help strengthen the eyes.

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Care for your Feet

This one is simple and important. Groom your nails, keep your feet clean, occasionally examine them for anything odd, and use fungicidal sprays if you are showering in public areas. If you’re experiencing pain in the heel or sole of your foot? You might be experiencing plantar fasciitis. If you see or are experiencing anything out of the ordinary, go see a Podiatrist.

Eat Nutrients for Eye Health

Many nutrients have been shown to promote the health of the eyes. One is vitamin A, best taken as beta-carotene or juice from carrots. The other ones are lutein and bilberry. Ask a nutritionist.

Walk Proud

Sure, you need confidence. Do you ever notice how you walk? You want a steady, even gait going on with either good shoes or bare land barefoot practice. Your feet stay healthy with exercise.

Take Breaks from Monitors

Believe it or not, computer and television screens can compromise the health of the eyes. It is advisable to get away from all digital screens a few times daily. This is now more difficult in the past, but if you keep it in mind, it will help your eye health in the future.

Use Foot Baths

Foot baths feel good and help your foot muscles relax. This provides benefits for your entire body. Use Epsom Salt dissolved in warm water and soak your feet for twenty minutes.

Train Your Eyes

Start doing an activity which trains your eyes. Dart shooting is a fun sport to train and strengthen eye focus. Bow and arrow sports can be helpful. Do some tennis or anything watching a target and your eyes will be stronger.

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Yoga and your Feet

Yoga practice is one of the healthiest ways to maintain the health of your feet. You strengthen the arches and intricate muscles of the feet while building strong balance.

Avoid Eye Injury

Wear safety goggles anytime your eyes may be at risk. This means during construction, lawn work, cutting hard objects, hammering, and many more tasks. Safety goggles protect your eyes from serious harm.

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