Are you using Instagram to promote your business on the Internet? Do you wish to go from zero to hero in your community? If you said yes, this piece of content is just tailored for you to discover how you can grow your network using organic marketing techniques.

Before that, you might be curious to know the marketing potential of Instagram for businesses and brands to increase their reach on the Internet. The infographic below demonstrates some interesting stats on the same.

Social media marketing success can never be a fluke – it’s a collection of techniques that complement well with one another and entice users’ attention – the majority of whom are potential buyers of various online products and services. If you wish to brand your business successfully on Instagram, these tips should help you conquer the world (or at least a part of the virtual Instagram world).

Go with the trend

As in any business, in order to be successful, you need to follow the trend. The best way to get started is to analyze the most trending topics related to your niche industry and find users that are actively getting involved in them. Track their conversations and make sure you chip in with your comments as well. This will help you get noticed by active users who are actually interested in the related topic.

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The next thing to do is find the most popular hashtags related to your niche and participate in more conversations. By doing so, you get to leave your footprints almost on every group that talks about your business. What a way to spice up your visibility?

Engage your audience

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is definitely not a place for spammy ads and boring sales pitches. Never try it. Use Instagram marketing to up the engagement on your business profile. Post quality content on a regular basis – ideally it could be a mix and match of your business related stuff and curated content.

And yeah, follow influential users in your community. Most people love to reciprocate by following back – and that helps build relationships on social media. The more you follow and comment on posts from other accounts, the more you are likely to get back. That should increase your profile engagement by a huge percentage.

Choose quality over quantity

You hear it so often but what you think about quality is wrong. It doesn’t mean just posting filtered images using special effects. Quality is about the usefulness of your posts to your audience. If you keep posting business related images and some generic images, you are going to lose your audience. Run contests, offer coupons and special deals in order to entice your audience to come back and check your profile regularly. Posting quality content helps improve your authenticity too.

In closing

In addition to these, focus on gaining more followers for your account. If you wish to increase your Instagram following without investing weeks and months of your time on posting content, then going with iDigic would be a pretty good choice.

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If you have additional suggestions, please add them in the comments and we will try to talk more on them in our next post. Thanks.

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