Whether you are working on an administrative position in an organization, or you’ve recently became an entrepreneur after opening up your own business; you will be leading and tackling a group of people. However, every other person is responsible for carrying out the defined set of responsibilities, being a manager or owner of the company, managing employees efficiently has become your responsibility.

The activity not only involves delegating tasks to them, but also motivating them to complete all tasks with consistency while also encouraging them to improve their capabilities and loyalty towards their job and organization. As far as good performance is concerned, you can coach and train your squad, making someone loyal seems a daunting job to many. However, you may successfully inoculate the seed of loyalty in their hearts as long as you accurately set your priorities and attitude.

Regardless of the nature of the business and a total number of staffs working under your authority, you should necessarily learn these employee management skills to benefit your business.

Communicate skillfully

The secret of effective communication does not lie behind imposing orders impolitely. You can’t win the hearts of your team, unless you give them respect. Every person is different with different expectations in their mind and heart. They may either require respect, soft speaking tone and friendly attitude to maintain good performance. No matter how diversified and how huge of a staff you are tackling with, if you have the flexibility to make adjustments according to their behavior, you will eventually gain their trust.

Successful leaders never expect their subordinates to follow their mood. Being a leader you should be very straight forward and honest, while speaking to your employees. Whether it’s about rewarding someone or disclosing a recent issue, don’t delay sharing it with your staff. Also, don’t ignore adding the names of people associated but don’t create the feelings of fear among them. As it will result in the least motivated and annoyed staff.

Be the first to accept responsibility

Never hesitate to accept your mistakes. No matter how big or small the mistake is, don’t blame others for them. After blaming crew members, you may temporarily maintain your status, but in reality, you are setting up the wrong trend in your firm, which may make workers irresponsible and careless. This also harms your credibility and trust, the team may have for you in their hearts.

In contrast to that, if you become the first to accept your mistakes, workers in your department will act proactively and take every possible step to fixing the errors with the assurance that the same mistake will not happen again.

Deal with conflicts carefully

Clashes are the part of our routine life. You can’t totally avoid them. Whether it’s a clash between employees or it’s a misunderstanding between administration and subordinate or it’s about performance delays, being a leader of your team it’s your responsibility to resolve it sensibly with harmony.

Perhaps, you don’t have the skills to tackle the situation accurately, you should hire well-trained professionals to navigate such kind of issues efficiently.

Learn to reward your staff

Irrespective of the size of success you have achieved, don’t forget to acknowledge those who are involved after mentioning their names in front of all.

Recognizing participants for their efforts is a wonderful and simple way to motivate them to perform with the same enthusiasm. The reward can be anything from bonuses, gifts, free tickets for a concert or movie and a company paid dinner to issue a letter of thanks or any kind of award against success.

Purposeful rewards not only motivate your task force to continue performing well, but also enhance their loyalty towards the company.


Overall organizational success don’t solely depends on budget and hiring highly qualified staff, rather, it essentially requires effective employee recruitment & management across the firm.

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