In today’s technologically advanced world, the internet is not a new concept, neither is online education. Almost everyone in the world is acquainted with the concept of the internet, even if they do not have access to it. The internet has proven to be a beneficial force in every arena, in this article let us discuss four of the most substantial benefits of internet for a student in today’s technologically advanced era.

1. Education for all

One of the most significant benefits of internet is that it is a medium through which every individual has access to education. Now with the advent of internet, students are not bound by location, money or any other factor to hinder their education. If an individual has a thirst for knowledge, the internet can open up a vast gold mine of books, articles and research papers related to any topic.

It is true that even with technology like the internet, we have a disparity of education in the world, however, new technologies are emerging which are catering to bridge this gap and making the internet accessible to all the people around the world so that everyone can take full benefit of the learning material that the internet can provide.

2. Ease of access to knowledge and learning

As the internet is not a new technology, most of the individuals are familiar with how to use it, so if you have a computer with a connection to the internet, you can learn whatever you desire.

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Even professionals, who have a nine-to-five job, can now learn at their own time and pace, via online education. There are many short courses, online tutorials as well as one to one coaching websites through which students, professionals, stay at home moms, etc. can learn new skills and even get diplomas in their respective fields.

3. Online education is cheaper

While students have to pay for formal education at any college and it is no hidden fact that the cost of studying at a good college is rising at an exponential rate which all students cannot afford, online education is almost free. First of all, as students do not have to shift or relocate to gain access to lectures and go to classes, there is no relocation cost. Furthermore, many online courses are free and do not charge anything, students only have to enroll and they can easily gain access to lectures from professors from Harvard and MIT, without paying a dime. These are all wonders of the internet!

4. Anonymity for shy students

A lot of smart students are shy and do not possess the confidence to take part in discussions in the classroom. The internet gives such intelligent yet shy students a chance to express themselves while maintaining their anonymity. There are many student forums through which they can interact with each other and other professionals and share their views. This bolsters their confidence as well as polishes their thinking abilities when they are challenged by others to explore further by indulging in debates and discussions.

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