When you start looking for mobile app analytical tools and web app analytic tools on the internet you will find a huge number of tools available on the internet. This actually makes you confused about the analytical tools than helping you in finding one. But if you are really looking for some useful and helpful Analytical tools for Cross Platform Applications then here we have a list of some. Please give it a look.

1. Piwik

This is an open source analytical tool which can be used for all types of major platforms. It is available for free but you cannot go deep inside unless until you have a paid membership. Piwik gives you a real-time event tracking, data tracking and campaign tracking. This platform offers a lot of integrations for all the platforms that you are working with from Node.js to WordPress.

You can easily pay and get the hosted version or you can also download this Piwik on your server and can host it for free for yourself. Now this is not the very important or beautiful analytical tool on the list but it will perform exactly the way you want it to work for you. Piwik also has mobile applications for Android and iOS to help you look into your analytics on the go.

2. Calq.io

This analytical tool is also available in both the forms, paid as well as free. Calq is beautiful, simple and a real-time cross-platform analytics tool. The best thing about Calq is that it will help you run your advanced queries without you being a data scientist. Calq also has a conversion data and also offers you a retroactive analysis feature that will help you to get your new perspectives on the things that has already happened in the past. Calq consists of iOS, Android, C#, HTTP API so that it will be able to work in almost all types of applications.

3. Heap

Again you have to spend some money if you want to use this tool completely. Using this tool will track our application users, form submissions, clicks and will do anything that you would want to track. You can always create some user segments and can check what all the users are doing and did in the application. The very good and likeable feature is their highly simple integration process. They have made their analytics very easy to use the code. You only have to select what all you want to track on your website and it will be tracked. It is like magic. Heap is an analytical tool for cross-platform too. It is designed for both websites as well as iOS apps.

4. Opentracker

This tool is available for free but you have to spend some money if you want to enjoy all the features. This tool will help you to track everything that you always want to track. Opentracker provides you a real-time reporting, geo location user tracking and will allow you to tag the users for viewing the things later. It also has an API that will allow you to design your features but not in the application. Opentracker will support your websites, iOS, web applications and Android apps.

5. Google Analytics

This tool works as the household name in the world of web analytics but because of this people forget about the offerings they have to give with their mobile. They have all the analytics like page-overlays and page view tracking, but sometimes the tool is very huge to get all the information you are looking for. The good news is that if Google analytics is your only option you can always download any of the analytical templates to help you get started very quickly.

This is the list of best cross-platform analytical tools that are going to help you with all your cross-platform applications. These tools are highly functional and are counted amongst the best Cross platform analytics tools.

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Macy Jones is working as a mobile app developer with one of the leading Mobile app solution providing services in Melbourne, Australia. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about her work and enjoys whatever she do. She is well-known for designing applications that are user-friendly and highly interactive.

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