Teaching has always been considered a noble profession. A teacher has the power to sculpt the human society of the future. Very often when young children are asked what they want to become when they grow up their answer will be ‘a teacher’. This shows the impact that a teacher can have on young minds. Not everyone can become a successful teacher and earn the respect of the students. It requires a special set of skills that can be taught and also several qualities that are intrinsic in some people. There are quite a few qualities that are required of a teacher and in order to land that teaching position, you will definitely need them.

The most important characteristic that you will need as a teacher is respect for the student. As a student yourself you would have felt that the classes that you enjoyed were those that had a lot of interaction among students and the teacher. That interaction comes from the mutual respect that students have for teachers and vice versa. A welcoming learning environment is also created in this way. As a teacher you must also create a sense of community within a classroom. Students need to feel that they are part of a group and it will instill a feeling of community within them. You must be accessible to every student. You must also have a warm and caring behavior. A good teacher will be enthusiastic about caring for his/her students.

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As a teacher you must have your own love for learning. Being a teacher does not mean that you are an all-knowing person. In fact, as a teacher you will be learning new things every day of your life. And this does not pertain to the subject of your preference but also to pedagogical methods as well. The love for learning that a teacher has will transcend to his/her students also. When students see that their teacher is also on a quest for knowledge it will inspire them to do the same. One of the biggest problems that is faced by teachers is when the management of the school requires them to incorporate new teaching technologies and additional curriculum. If you have a love for learning, it will make adaptation to these new technologies very easy for you.

As a teacher you must be a good leader. The leadership that is being referred to here is not the administrative leadership, but one that focuses on shared decision making and teamwork. Every student must be required to assume leadership roles. You also need to be flexible when it comes to change. If you feel that the lesson that you are teaching is not reaching the students with the technique that you are using, then you need to be able to shift gears and take a different approach to teaching. You must be open to suggestions. There is nothing wrong in asking for help. There is a possibility that there are more experienced staff in your school or college. You must ask them for help if you feel that you need help.

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As mentioned earlier, teaching is not a job that is meant for everyone. It requires a certain set of skills that can be taught. Apart from these skills there are certain characteristics that have been mentioned in this article. Respect towards the student, a love towards learning, good leadership capabilities, flexibility and a welcoming attitude to suggestions are some of the characteristics that you will need to get that teaching job. Every person is different and you may be born with these characteristics. If so, you are a blessed person. But if you are not, you could work towards developing them.

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