To have your kids do as you say is probably the hardest thing to do and cater after becoming parents. Parents often forget the real science of having a child and that is, the child is as much of a human as they are. The kids have their own choices, own personalities as well as their own likes and dislikes. It becomes extremely difficult to mold them altogether as there will be a lot of resistances here and there and this results in unnecessary tantrums at public places.

Kids understand the fact that their parents won’t listen to them under normal circumstances so what they do is that they look out for public moments where they can embarrass the life out of their parents in order for them to do whatever the kid wanted in the beginning. Kids learn such tactics at a very early age and parents are often unaware of such tactics and believe them to be reality. The greatest fuss kids make is about having food.

Kids are pretty much happy if they are being fed junk all the time, throughout the day. Maybe it is some kind of sorcery on the behalf of such food chains where their food looks and tastes more better to the kids (and even adults) than the healthy food that gets cooked, back at home. Even if mom bakes really good cookies or makes the most scrumptious hamburger, kids will still prefer buying that sleazy Happy Meal that’s really good for nothing. These junk foods are slowly and gradually inflicting more harm to our bodies than one can imagine.

Obesity has become one of the biggest problems of our generation and we have started to have junk food pretty much post teenage life and to see that our kids are already indulged in it from the early stages of their life is very traumatizing. The natural foods existing in the world have tons of benefits, including abundant minerals and nutrients being naturally present inside the foods which when very carefully planned and introduced in the meals cooked at home will help your kids in the longer run. Follow the article for some wondrous healthy foods for kids.

1. Handful Of Flaxseeds:

Flaxseeds belong to the nut family and nuts are known to be rich sources of substances like Omega3 fatty acids. These substances within the flaxseeds help, better brain development in kids and thus, such development promote greater, faster and better brain activities. Kids will be good at memorizing and recalling stuff and so shall be good with their analytical skills. Omega 3 fatty acids also regulate better flow of blood through the body and reduce the formation of bad fats. There are a number of different ways in which flaxseeds can be secretly introduced into the foods without the kids having any clue about it. Flaxseeds are also one of those foods that burn fat.

  • Flaxseeds can be found both in whole and ground form. The better way is to use the ground form as it can be easily introduced into a number of meals.
  • Mothers can sprinkle a teaspoon of flaxseeds secretly into their kid’s cereal bowls or any other baked goods.
  • Replacing a small quantity of the baking flour with ground flaxseed will not affect the recipe but it will for sure positively affect the health of your children.
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2. Introducing Tofu:

This might seem like a challenge for mothers but we are talking about Tofu based on the nutrients it is packed with. Tofu is basically what we can describe as ‘bean curd’ where it is created through careful curding of soymilk and then the residues are packed together and cut into small blocks. What kids don’t like about Tofu is probably the essence or the concept of the word ‘bean’ in it. However, there is no solid taste of beans within Tofu. Mothers can trick the kids by adding Tofu into substances that are based on creamy textures as Tofu helps formulate an even better and smooth creamy texture.

  • Some examples can be, blending it into tomato soup or even mushroom soup.
  • Adding them inside smoothies, to further smoothen the texture.
  • And one even better idea is to incorporate it into your very own ice cream recipes.

The reason for emphasizing on the use of tofu is the list of nutrients it provides. Tofu is a good source of vitamin B, calcium, iron, and of course proteins.

3. Reliving With Sweet Potato:

Mothers know how difficult it is to make their kids remember things they did when they were very young as they don’t really sustain that young memory. Most mothers enjoy feeding sweet potato mash to their kids when they are in the early stages of growing up and kids absolutely love to eat it. The vegetable is naturally available as a sweetened treat and the bright color simply adds on to the value. But many kids really run away from the sight of having a sweet potato as they grow older. There are however, a couple of ways of introducing the good life of sweet potato back on your food table.

  • Just like normal potatoes you can bake sweet potatoes, by washing the dirt off, either forking the surface or cutting halfway through and adding very minute cheese slices between the cuts and then sprinkling fresh finely chopped basil on top.
  • This way the baked sweet potato goodness along with melted cheese will do a good job neutralizing the natural sweetness of the potato.
  • Rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, sweet potatoes are a great source of keeping the body healthy, especially the eyes.
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4. Not To Forget The Yogurt:

After the breast feeding stage most kids do not opt for top milk and this is why it is very difficult to combat the essence of low calcium levels in their bodies. Yogurt compensates for the daily dairy requirements of the body and is often greater in benefits than a glass full of milk. Though one has to make sure that the versions you pick up from the shelves are not too sugary and artificial. Go for yogurts that are labeled to have ‘live and active’ cultures within them.

  • Parents can mix a few ingredients and develop some crazy Yogurt dips that go absolutely mind blowing with chicken and vegetable snacks.
  • There are a number of yogurt based breakfast ideas that include creating amazing Parfaits and the best thing about it is that the kids can actually assemble one of their own tastes.

5. Providing With Salmon:

The fact is, kids mostly run away from sea food but if you are an expert enough to understand the kind of meals your kids love the most, adding seafood into those meals will not be of much difficulty. Kids these days actually like fried stuff and salmon (a healthy fatty fish) tastes amazing as a shallow fried snack. Packed with healthy omeg3 fatty acids and essential proteins the pink fish is meant to boost your child’s brain development.

  • There can be quick and easy recipes found on the internet that help parents make salmon burgers, cutlets and snacks.
  • Other forms could be salmon roasted with herbs and veggies of your kid’s choice.

When parents give kids the liberty to decide what they want to have within the healthy food choices it actually gives them the idea of freedom and of being able to decide their own meals, at least. Being parents try and provide this liberty to your kids as much as possible, as long as you are fully aware that the food choices you are providing them with are completely healthy.

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