With the upcoming trends in the technology field, website designing is also moving to the next levels. With all the advanced tools and techniques there is a plethora of things you could do with your website. It is important to have strong basic concepts but it is useless to remain stuck to those concepts even when you can see that the trend is changing rapidly. There are certain things with website designing that needs to be eliminated from web designs in order to make the websites look trendy and more attractive. But because being more experienced and having a command over the older trends, a few web designers are not ready to terminate those designing concepts.

In this post we are going to discuss with you those unwanted designing styles that are indirectly making your website dull and outdated.

1. Using Sliders

Sliders are something that designers believe in as a necessary part for a website but this is not true. Sliders are not for your website but they are working against your website. When it comes to marketing, you want your users to pay attention to the solutions that you provide them for their problems but with sliders they get confused and they quit. Do not use sliders and give them a chance to lose track on your website by distracting them by using multiple pages and images.

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2. Videos That Get Played Automatically

When users visit a website they never want to see anything other than the products they are searching for. If you have some useless videos on your website that are attracting users but ultimately forcing them to leave your website, what is the use of such a video? It’ll be better to give your users an ability to opt for watching your video rather than playing it the very moment they open your website.

3. Disturbing Pop-ups

Pop ups on your website are the options that allow you to get subscribed to a blog or to get engaged into some other action into your website. This is not at all a bad practice as long as they are not grabbing your user into some other action and subverting your marketing efforts. There will be a message that will pop up after an appropriate time with an option for you to make your pop up box really effective. Make sure that your pop-ups are not mean. When they become mean they create problems.

4. Different Mobile Sites

If you have a mobile website, Google will definitely rank you better and will prefer your website over other similar websites. But a “mobile only” version of your website will not give you a high quality user experience like having a responsive website will give. Also, Google will not recommend those websites and you will get penalized because of duplicate content on your website.

5. Skeuomorphism

Skeuomorphism: This is a trend that makes all the digital images look real life-like and it has been used far too much. This trend was used too long and is actually good that it is finally coming to an end now.

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Initially it was a functional designing technique. It eased the method of doing something in an old way but cuing you for how it can be done in a new way? All this will do is just make a design on your website, for your luck, for a better word and making your website look cheesy. When people have already decided what to do with a notebook or how to use their apps on their iPhone, when iPhone can drop some of their trends why you can’t?

So make sure that you are not using any of the above mentioned things for designing your website if you really want it to look trendy and attractive.

Author Bio:

Anna Brown is working as a web designer head with Xperts Infosoft, leading Web designing Firm in New Delhi, India. She loves to show her creativity to the world. You would really be amazed looking at her designs. Her designs are highly creative, innovative and actually speak up your business. She is always up to date with her web designing skills and you can see her designs if you want to learn any. Catch her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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