In this New Year, we wish you nothing less that wealth, health and prosperity. Try these simple astrological remedies that can bring prosperity in life.

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The traditional art of astrology has now established itself as a science. Today, more and more people follow the Indian or Vedic astrology as a means of bringing happiness and prosperity in one’s life. As such, astrology studies how celestial objects and their movements affect human affairs and other events in their life. Therefore, using the right studies from astrology and taking help from a good Astrologer in Delhi can actually help you turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. Apart from visiting an astrologer and taking guidance from them, there are few other things that you can do to make your life and that of your family more prosperous. These are general remedy tips that you can try.

Peepal goes a long way

The sacred fig tree or Peepal is revered in astrology. It has healing properties. At the same time, it brings prosperity and peace to life. To bring wealth, you should pluck a leaf from a Peepal tree every Saturday and keep it in the coins section of your wallet. Every week, throw the old leaf and use the new one. The best Astrologers in Delhi suggest that doing this will ensure that your wallet is never empty.

Solving money related problems with Mahalakshami Mantra

Buy a Mahalakshami Mantra from a reverend Astrologer in Delhi and use it on Wednesday night. Start with 1 rosary of this mantra every Wednesday or even 3 rosary. Do this every week to solve your money related problems.

Don’t broom away the wealth

It is true that Lakshmi comes in a home that’s clean and tidy. But cleaning with a broom at the wrong time can take away the wealth. So, don’t use a broom after sunrise. At the same time, arrange your house temple in the North Direction or East Direction to bring happiness.

Increase Stability

We all want to increase our financial stability in life. That’s why, each one of us should have a Guru, a good Astrologer in Delhi who can guide us throughout our lives. At the same time, we can practice this rule every few days or on the advice of our astrologers to increase financial stability. For this, you need to take roughly 125 gm of basmati rice and roughly 125gm of sugar candy (also known as ‘mishri’ in Hindi) and tie it in a white handkerchief. Now, use it to pray to Goddess Lakshmi and seek her forgiveness for any wrongdoings. Once done, immerse the bundle in a flowing river or give some rice as a charity to poor. Your stability will gradually increase.

Be Respectful

Goddess Lakshmi is often associated with wealth. Now, if you are disrespectful to women in your life, you are disrespectful to Goddess Lakshmi. And even if you have the money, you wouldn’t be happy or leading a prosperous life. So, always respect women in your life. Allow them to handle finances.


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