I was shocked and couldn’t stop laughing. While i was chatting with my friend, his three year old son came to us and then uttered the word “innovation”. My friend and I had to stop our discussion and just stare at this little lad with his cute smile and innocent eyes as he repeated the word again. Well, His son left us with a puzzled look as we started laughing; how on earth did he learn to say such word?

Innovation is a buzz word all over the world. Things are changing; Businesses are trying to keep up with customers’ demand. Education is taking a new turn; old paradigms are being left behind. Innovation seems to be the drive of our economy. Right now, the world is searching for innovators.

pop11However, what people might not have noticed, is that innovation has been around since the time of creation. The bible has records of great men and women that changed the face of the earth. One innovator worth mentioning is Jesus. He was a great innovator; so great was he that many people today are unconsciously using some of his methods in business and every industry you can think of. We are going to be looking at these shortly. So relax as we look at some traits of this great innovator.

7286924_f2601. Passion

One trait you will come across when you meet an innovator is his passion and such was found in Jesus. He had passion for his vision so much that one time when he was 12 years old, his parents had looked for him for three days and when they found him in the temple, he questioned their action and reminded them of his passion (Luke 2:49). He faced rejection from his brothers, people thought he was crazy and was hated by bible scholars but no one could quench his undying passion, not even food. So what was his passion? (Think about this)

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2. Vision

Jesus understood the power of vision. While the Pharisees and the people of Israel were waiting for a king to rule and reign over the world, Jesus had a vision to save the whole world.

No wonder, the Pharisees could not understand Jesus; even though Jesus tried to reach out to them. All they thought about was to destroy him rather than understand his vision. Every innovator knows the power of vision. Steve job once remarked that Xerox could have dominated the computer industry but it limited itself to another copier. Jesus did not limit his vision but had a very big dream.

7290538_f520 (1)3. Think Differently

Jesus had a different mindset from the religious leaders and bible scholars of his time and he showed it on several occasions. One area he applied this, was in his method of teaching.

The Pharisees and bible scholars were used to speaking jargon and biblical terms that were confusing to the people.
Jesus believed that the people had to be taught with clarity so that they could receive the word with understanding. Shock and dismay were on the faces of the religious elite as they saw a carpenter, teach with such wisdom and knowledge. The bible records that a large crowd followed him to hear his teaching. The Adulterous woman was saved by Jesus from the people because of how he viewed life. Do you want to innovate, do you want to create, think differently.

4. Great Stories

Storytelling is fun. It’s an effective way to connect and inspire action. People love to hear stories.
Innovators that do tell stories that change the world. How? Jesus showed us the way. Every story he told always got people’s attention even those who were not happy with him could not help but listen to him. So great were his stories that his disciples would always seek more information from him. He taught the people by telling them stories and the people loved him for it. They kept following him to hear more to the extent that Jesus had to feed them twice ( Matthew 14:13-21, Matthew 15:29-39). Learn to tell great stories.

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5. Inspire Others

Jesus was a great leader. One would think that his followers would come to nothing because some of them were not educated but Jesus had confidence in them. His words were full of praise and admiration for his disciples. At a point when he knew that his end had come, he gathered his disciples and with a final act, entrusted his vision to them. (John 13:1-17). Later on, his disciples exhibited excellence in everything they did. They changed the whole world. (Acts of Apostles).

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