The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.
– Henry David Thoreau

woman-570883_1280Many people often complain about two things in life. They are bored and they don’t have enough money to enjoy life. Well I have some suggestions if you have either of these complaints or if you wish to do something enjoyable and meaningful that will cost you nothing. My belief is that all the truly important things we need to do in life are free and you can do them anytime you want. You never have to be bored and the beautiful thing is that they will all help you with your unique spiritual development.

Unfortunately your ego doesn’t want you to involve yourself in these tasks that actually matter. As you will read in many of my other articles your ego wants to cloud your spiritual development and stop you from being truly authentic and pure.

I’m going to give you 5 simple suggestions of awesome activities you can do at any time with little or no money:

1. Hug a Loved One

How often do you give a hug to a family member or friend and express your love and care for them? A hug can go a long way. Remember we only have a limited time on earth so please don’t squander it. Yes you will meet again in another realm, but do your best with your time on earth. Let your friends and family know your feelings and how much they matter to you.

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2. Write a Letter

We often get so wrapped up in our electronic world that we never even think of going back to our old but very reliable communication methods. Write someone who you haven’t talked to in a while a hand written letter. Express your feelings and rekindle your relationship. You will feel great from this and your pen pal will feel even better.

3. HELP someone

I believe we are on this earth to help our human family. There are so many ways you can help people everyday. Think of a creative way to help someone and don’t tell anyone about it. Helping on a regular basis will nourish your soul and show people that there is good in humanity. You can change the world one simple act at a time. Get out of yourself and do it right now!

4. Meditate

Meditation is simply being quiet and still and listening to the wisdom of the universe. You don’t have to be a yogi or a Buddha to do this. It is actually shown by science to improve all aspects of your life. Keep it simple and just listen to the moment. Be aware and don’t judge. That’s it. Just be. I can hear you now, ” I’m no good at meditation.” That’s an excuse. Everyone can sit quietly and just be. Just witness everything in the moment and let it flow. When thoughts come in that’s fine. Let them come and let them go. Meditation is our link to the universe. Its not religious or dogmatic. Its simply part of being human, but we never allow ourselves to experience it. Stop now and just be.

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5. Pray or Talk to the Universe

I think its obvious that there is an amazing divine energy outside of us that is responsible for the creation of the universe. What it is? To be honest I have no clue and cannot even imagine. I must say I don’t know what’s out there, but I do know it has more intelligence and power than me. The awesome thing is we can always talk to this energy and express our deepest thoughts and feelings. I am never lonely because I always know this power is with me and actually within me. This gives me an incredible sense of security and peace. Be still and know that everything is okay in this very moment.

These 5 activities can give you a great start to curing your boredom and realizing that the most meaningful activities are not expensive and can be done in very little time.

There are so many other activities that are free or cost very little that add meaning to your life and others. Think of some things and add them here in the comments. You truly never need to be bored and never have to spend anything to enjoy life and develop spiritually.

Let me know how it goes. And remember live now and love often.

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