Old age is something that awaits us all, and there is no denying it. What saddens us all is that with our age, our looks fade away too. Thankfully there are treatments that are quite popular today that can help us deal with this problem. You can either go for a collagen in powder or cream, or straight for the Botox injections. Either way, you should inform yourself on this issue before becoming a part of it, so that it can go successfully. Here are several things that you may not be familiar with regarding Botox.

It is a medicine like any other

This is certainly the most important thing to consider if you want to get Botox injections. You must visit a medical expert, someone who is fully and properly trained on how to inject the medicine and what the exact dosage of it is. Think about it. If you don’t visit a licensed expert you can get any of the bad side effects that are even not that common in a normal case. Try going to places which have FDA approved Botox injection in Singapore, the United States, Europe and anywhere else.

Is it painful?

The question of whether the treatment is painful or not is connected to the previous point. Be smart and do not choose a cheaper option, because this is your skin, and most of all, your health we are talking about. A vast number of people have undergone this procedure. They describe the pinching sensation similar to that of a single mosquito bite. The involvement of an injection can indeed be scary, but a skillful hand will make it quick and painless, just as it should be.

Is it dangerous?

As it is a medicine, it carries certain side effects. Again, if you go see a professional, these side effects should be avoided. A common scare involving Botox is that you either get a ‘surprise face’ or you become emotionless. These are a possibility, so make sure that you have the right person for the job. On the other hand, as a myth exist, the chances for botulism are extremely small, and again, go for the performer who knows what he’s doing.

Most of all, the dosage must be followed rigidly, but it should take a 100 times stronger amount to produce some major difficulties.

Not only a ‘wrinkle free product’

Botox existed way before it became a solution for your aging skin. It was originally created to be used as a medicine for other treatments, such as depression, chronic back and neck pain, migraine, etc.

Botox and fillers – same or different?

At first glance, both of these ‘wrinkle free’ solutions are used for the same goal – to get a smoother skin, without any wrinkles. However, they function in different ways. Botox injections relax the muscles around the wrinkle, while the fillers actually fill up, as their name imposes, the space that the wrinkle has created.

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