For writers who are serious about what they do, having the tools to help stimulate a good writing session is also very important. If you’re a professional writer or someone who enjoys writing so much who just sits down and goes at it, maybe you should get your own set of tools – they can be very useful.

Here’s a list of tools that I think every writer will need:

A notebook or journal.

Writing with a computer is fine, yes, but nothing really beats the portability and authentic writer feel of a notebook. With one you can go on to write whenever and wherever you feel like it. You may opt to use a tablet instead, if that’s your thing.

A pack of prompts.

There are plenty of writing boosters that you can buy out there. Why not get something like a pack of cards which contain a writing prompt each? Or cards that boost your moral? Whenever you’re feeling stuck you can always whip one out and get inspired by what you read. There are other ways to get you inspired, of course – do whichever works best for you and pick up the right tool.

Flash drives

A flash drive is an indispensable tool for writers these days, especially for those who write using their computer. By keeping a flash drive handy, you’ll be able to back up your work and bring it wherever you go. Just make sure you do remember to copy your files every time you write. A flash drive with a design that appeals to you may work best for you in this case.

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Writing apps

Did you know that there are now a bunch of writing tools available as applications? Whether you’re a computer or a smartphone or tablet user, there’s sure to be an app that you’ll find useful.

Some recommended writing apps are the following:

FocusWriter – This app allows you to write text on a page and save it as a TXT file. Other features include timers, alarms, goal setting, themes, typewriter sound effects, statistics, and spell checking.

Hemingway – This web app highlights the writing problems in your piece. It points out hard to read sentences, adverbs, complex phrases, and passive voice. Hemingway suggests some revisions and it’s up to you to apply them.

RedNotebook – RedNotebook allows you to quickly get into writing a journal entry and moving on. Once you continuing writing, you can easily search your old journals for reference, find specific dates, and adjust whatever you need to do with those write-ups.

Note Everything – This app acts like a notepad that will allow you to note everything. It lets you dot down something or leave a voice note. It makes organizing notes easier or you can even use the app to draw pictures.

Somewhere to keep your writing things

Of course, the best way to make use of the tools mentioned above is to keep them all in one portable place so that you can take them with you anywhere. Having the right tools at the right time should be a priority for a writer – you wouldn’t want to miss any opportunities to write something good.

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