When it comes to weight loss the plateau is one of the most frustrating aspects of anyone’s weight loss journey. Sometimes people can lose weight quickly in the beginning, it’s a shock for your body to have a change in its calories eaten and activity level. This is great, but eventually, your weight loss will most likely slow down and it may even stop completely. This article is going to give you all some great tips and tricks to get off that plateau and start climbing your mountain again.

  1. Think About How You Look and Feel

Sometimes we obsess a little too much about the number on the scale and forget to look at ourselves to see how we actually feel. The scale does not rule your health. With the right exercise and diet plan, you ’ll lose weight and gain muscle. That muscle gain could keep your scale where it is or even make the number go a bit higher. That is totally normal and indicates a healthy person. Instead of getting on the scale, take your measurements.

When your measurements lower in number and your clothes fit better or are even too big, take pride in that and use that as your benchmark. If you measure yourself consistently over time you can give yourself a good picture of your weight loss over time. You can also measure your body fat with things like BMI, or tests your doctor can do. Online BMI tests can give you a feel of how healthy you are, but know that the only place to get personalized information is from a doctor that works with you specifically.

  1. Don’t Just Track Your Calories, Track Your Macros

Keeping your macros in check is a great way to measure your progress. Macros are short of micronutrients. Sometimes changing up the amount of protein, carbs, or fat you consume can help jumpstart your weight loss again. Try starting with increasing one of those macros while decreasing another. These are changes your body will respond to. Tracking your calories can do the same things. Paying attention to how many calories you intake will help you better measure if you are taking in too many or few calories.

Either one of these situations can be a problem. If you eat too little you may not be giving your body what it needs, and too many calories mean that you could end up gaining weight. There are tracker apps and online calorie estimates can help you understand your calorie intake and find a good balance for yourself.

  1. Change Up Your Exercise Routine

If you have been doing the same exercise routine for a while, then it may be time to do some things differently. Changing it up can give you that same boost you had when you first started working out. Many times as exercise becomes a routine, it can lose its challenge, and it is the challenge that helps us reach our goals.

If you exercise two times a week then you could up that to three or add in new things like weight training or yoga. When it comes to getting off a plateau small changes can help to boost your weight loss.

  1. Plan Ahead

Because life moves so fast, it is so tempting to grab the first thing you see, scarf it down quickly and move on. But, no matter how busy we are, everybody has to eat. If you aren’t eating well you can feel sluggish, tired and unable to get through all you need to.

On Monday plan your meals and pack what you can. If you like sandwiches or salads for lunch, prep your ingredients. This way you know you are going to have healthy options right in front of you.

The faster you can put together healthy meals the more likely you are to actually eat them.

Spinach tastes better mixed in with a bunch of strawberries and mangos. Smoothies can be made ahead and just blended in the morning on the way out. They are kid and adult friendly. Start with a simple recipe of a half cup of fruit and almond milk, a scoop of yogurt, a handful of spinach, and some ice. Bend for a minute and you have something delicious.

  1. Make Smart Choices at Restaurants

You’ll never be able to avoid restaurants completely, but what you can do is pay attention to what you are ordering. Most restaurants will have nutrition information available if you ask for it, some even have the calories posited directly on the menu. Go for any section that indicates lighter fare and plenty of veggies. To drink, go with lemon water or low-calorie drinks.

  1. Turn Cooking Time Into Bonding Time

Whether it be with family or friends, cooking can bring people together. Take some time for those you care about in the kitchen. Together you can get those creative juices flowing and creating something everyone can enjoy. It really is a perfect way to unwind while making sure to stay healthy.

How do you overcome your weight loss plateau? Let me know in the comments!

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