Creativity is not a self-sustainable state of being. If you want your ideas to continue flowing, you need someone or something to inspire you. There are hardly any people who can just vegetate in their working space, creating one piece of art after another. Without any inspiration from the outside, you’ll find yourself in a block at one point or another.

It doesn’t matter whether your area of creativity is art, photography, graphic design, writing, web design, or anything else; the source of inspiration can come from the place you least expect – a website! That’s right; the online world is an endless source of motivation that will push you forward. For the sake of making things easy for you, we collected 6 awesome websites that every creative person should bookmark right away.

1. Adobe Color CC

Are you creating a website, painting, or any other design that involves using color? Then you absolutely need to rely on Adobe Color CC. The method of crafting the perfect color scheme is standard: you start with a blank canvas, choose a primary color, a contrast color with visually striking effect, and an accent color that complements the primary one. Things get more complicated when you have to add the right tints and shades. A single tone can add sophistication to your design, but it may also ruin the impression for the viewer.

The Adobe color wheel will inspire you to discover the perfect combination of colors for your design. You can set the color rule: analogous, monochromatic, complementary, compound, triad, shades, or custom. Play with different combinations, and you’ll definitely find the inspiration for your creative project.

2. Smashing Magazine

This website is the go-to destination for all graphic and web designers who need a moment of inspiration. When you need to find information about the latest trends in the industry, you don’t need to visit any other site. Smashing Magazine is useful not only for the information and news it delivers; it also hosts events that deliver great value and leave the visitors with long-lasting impressions.

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You’ll find a category named Inspiration in the menu. That’s where you should head to! Smashing Magazine does something more than inspiring you; it also teaches you how to turn that inspiration into proper design. For example, you will learn about the main principles of design: dominance, focal points and hierarchy, as well as compositional balance, symmetry and asymmetry. That’s a lesson that will surely drive your creativity in the right direction.

3. Pinterest

What can be more inspiring than a beautiful image? No, we are not talking about those picturesque photos with a motivational Osho quote, although such things can also be inspiring in the right moment. You need to view stunning images and photos created or taken by true wizards. Pinterest is the place to find them!

Your pinboard is the place where you can curate images from all around the web. Plus, you’ll see other people’s boards, so you can consider the website to be a great source of inspiration. Some people view Pinterest as a threat to creators, not as an opportunity. It all comes down to the way you approach it. This social network gives you a great chance to showcase your work in front of a huge audience and get inspired by the huge base of creative work you can access.

4. Dezeen

Dezeen is an architecture and design magazine that brings direct inspiration from London streets. London is a synonym of liberal art, architecture, design, and overall attitude. Of course, the magazine also shows you architectural wonders and innovative design from all around the world. For example, the piece that presents Junya Ishigami’s nursery with cloud-shaped forms will certainly open your eyes to unexpected architectural shapes that bring the concept of beauty to a whole other level.

Dezeen is much more than a site where you can see great photos and read news from the world of architecture and design. It also hosts videos from important events, such as Clerkenwell Design Week. If you want to stay connected with the world of design and get inspired by the latest trends and forms, you should definitely bookmark this website.

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5. Behance

Forget about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; Behance is the right social media platform for creative people! Just take a look at the number of views and shares on the most popular projects featured at the homepage. You can showcase your work in front of a knowledgeable audience, but you’ll also take a look at the pieces crafted by some of the most creative minds in graphic design, interaction design, photography, illustration and art direction.

The company that founded Behance has a mission to organize the creative world. As it turns out, it’s possible and even necessary to organize creativity. A profile at this website will enable you to connect not only with other creatives, but with potential clients as well. The first thing you need to do is take a look at some attractive portfolios to get inspired, and then organize your own Behance profile.

6. The Creativity Post

You won’t find a collection of cool images and presentations of design at this website. What will you find? Content! Three creative PhDs co-founded the website with the aim to present creativity in all its forms. From philosophical debates to scientific discoveries that changed the world – you’ll find all aspects of creativity the human mind is capable of.

Even though you’re focused on a particular way of expressing creativity, you won’t mind adding some versatility to your daily life. When you get information about the latest trends in different disciplines, your definition of creativity will expand and you’ll get inspired to add depth to your concepts.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing! The Internet Is a Great Inspiration!

It’s okay to get stuck. Don’t be hard on yourself when your mind is blocked and it isn’t producing any good ideas. You only need an inspirational drive. Take some time off and wander through the 6 websites listed above. You’ll find your lost muse in no time.

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