While evaluating CRM or say customer relationship management services within your organization, it does become important for you to consider what the needs of your sales team are. When it comes to the sales representatives of your business organization one of the most important components for the CRM is the Mobile CRM. Mobile CRM would here refer to the users who have been accessing the specific software from their smartphones, tablet or the other mobile devices. Given here are the four major devices why you need to give the sales team mobile CRM.

You could take the contacts with you:

With a mobile CRM in hand you could now head out of office knowing that you could access the required details whenever you need them. You do not have to remember to add the customer details in the customer relationship management tool on your smartphone. This in turn would be a huge time saver saving time from fiddling over the business cards or trying to power up the laptop so that you could login into your email address book.

Building brand awareness:

An average American generally spends 162 minutes a day on his or her mobile devices, competing even with the time spent in watching television. Although the app might not be used all the time, the user would still have to unlock, scroll, and look through his phone or tablet in order to find what exactly he has been looking out for. And as we know our brain subconsciously records each and every visual that it generally comes across. From icon to a user interface a well-designed app that would pack the feature of your client love would boost up their business recognition.

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Live leads records:

By using mobile CRM the sales representatives could easily check out the past communications and records with the prospects or customers they have had either on a smart phone or tablet. This updated information could again be a great pep tool reminding the representatives of what exactly has been discussed previously, and what has to be discussed and what the next step for their communication would be.

Faster planning and organization:

Mobile CRM would not just help you with the speed interactions of all the clients and customers, it would also ensure you that the company would plan faster internally as well. So if you have already been using Mobile CRM software for your business and the accounting process you could then easily find the required components that would integrate along with it.

Getting alerts on instant basis:

Has some one opted for your online contact form. This could help you trigger an alert notifying you where ever you are. Once you have gained the ability to access the entire information in the real-time you would really begin to wonder how you are going to operate without it.

Ensuring the security of your data:

Users would here be collecting the data of all the clients and customers whether they have access to your CRM or not. They would here be using sticky notes, email and word documents or other techniques in order to deal with it. And since they are not a part of your business organization you would here have no information related to it. A misdirected email or misplaced notepad would here expose thousands of pieces of the customer data that they have gathered and if you have been using CRM system then the things could be easily controlled. And in case it was written on a note pad then it’s all in the open with a bit of retrieval in case they are lost.

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To conclude Mobile application CRM is as necessary as an email and telephone. Mobile CRM these days are becoming the most powerful tools increasing sales and adding to those who adopt this technology in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

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