Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is paramount for both your health and the health of the unborn baby. A pregnant woman should ensure that she is holistically healthy, that is mental, physically and emotionally. There are many ways of maintaining a healthy condition during pregnancy. Handling pregnancy is very delicate, and the pregnant woman should be very careful to avoid any physical injuries or emotional distress that may put both her and child’s life in danger.

A pregnant woman should visit the doctor regularly for routine checkups. The doctor can determine the health of both the woman and the child and give the appropriate recommendations in case of abnormalities. Most couples are afraid of pregnancy because of the accompanying responsibility. Both men and women have a responsible to ensure that the unborn baby is out of any danger till the time it is born. There are many ways of taking care of oneself during pregnancy that ranges from natural ways to medical ways. With the technological advancement, there are better ways to monitor the health progress of the pregnant woman and her unborn baby thus ensuring the general well-being of the two.

Get early prenatal care

Prenatal care is essential for routine checkups and appropriate care for both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. Once a woman realizes she is pregnant, it is very crucial than ever to take care of herself both emotionally and physically. Having prenatal care aids in boosting your chances of having a healthy baby and a problem-free pregnancy. Prenatal care is very important especially during the first months of pregnancy. After you realize you are pregnant, call your doctor and schedule prenatal visits. Prenatal visits are very significant during pregnancy as they help in screening for certain conditions that may result in complications. A good doctor or a midwife of your choice is the best to handle the prenatal care. During the prenatal visits, ensure that you disclose any medical issues that you may have, for example, allergies to certain kind of medications.

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Watch what you eat

Once pregnant, you should realize that you are now eating for two, and this means that you need some extra calories each day. Because the baby is growing, you need to take more proteins than before. For example, if before you got pregnant you used to eat about 45 grams of protein, you start eating 70 grams. Although calcium requirement is the same before and after pregnancy, you should ensure that you meet your daily calcium requirements. Many women find it difficult to maintain a balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy due to the loss of appetite and dislike of certain kind of foods accompanied by pregnancy. To avoid ingesting bacteria that could harm your baby, you should steer clear of under-cooked meat and eggs, unpasteurized juices and dairy products, cold deli meats and raw seafood.

Exercise regularly

Physical exercise is very important during pregnancy when done appropriately and under instructions of a qualified instructor. Good and healthy exercise for pregnancy begins by designing an appropriate exercise program. A favorable exercise program contributes to the endurance and strength you require to carry the weight gained during pregnancy, help ease or prevent pains or aches, help you handle the physical stress of labor and improve sluggish circulation in your legs. Also, it will facilitate the shape recovery after your baby’s born much easier. According to recent studies and research, exercise is a proven way to reduce stress and boost your level of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that helps in controlling the mood of an individual. To avoid any injuries or complications during exercise, ensure not to let yourself get dehydrated or overheated or push you too hard.

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Get some rest

Fatigue is one of the things that accompany pregnancy during the first and third trimesters. During these trimesters, listen to your body reactions and take it easy as much as you can. Taking a nap sometime during the day is very important. You should have someone to help you with your daily chores to give you enough rest time. If you find it difficult to sleep, find a place where you can position yourself in the best relaxing position or participate in some relaxation techniques.

Abstain from alcoholism

Avoid drinking while pregnant. The alcohol you take directly reaches your unborn baby through the placenta and the baby may end up having a higher level of alcohol in its system. The alcohol you take while pregnant increases the chances of a low-birth-weight baby and altering the child’s abilities to speech, learning, language, hyperactivity and attention span.

Stop smoking

Smoking produces the risk of growth problems, miscarriage, premature delivery and placenta abruption. Also, smoking increases the chances of having a baby with cleft palate or lip. Worse still, smoking during pregnancy increases the chances of a baby dying in infancy or stillbirth.


Pregnancy should be handled with the delicacy and care it deserves. Taking care of the pregnancy is a collaborative work of the couple. The pregnant woman should check what she takes as food as it directly affects the baby. You should also avoid engaging in risky behaviors prior to getting pregnant. Such behaviors like smoking and drinking should be avoided to ensure the general well-being of the baby and the pregnant woman.

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