You are cheating on inspiration. Whether you believe it or not, you are not fair at all with inspiration. Maybe you think I am over thinking it or I am trying to blame you for the whole mess, but deep down in your heart, you know that you have not been so nice to inspiration.

Now you must be asking how on earth am I cheating on Inspiration? What on earth do you mean? You will know so soon. Now before you defend yourself, here are some of the ways you have hurt inspiration so much.

1. You Said You Don’t Have A Voice

For so long, Inspiration has tried to tell you that you have a voice, yet you look her in the eye and say that you don’t have one. You tell yourself how can you have a voice? Who would care to listen to you? This is so crazy.

However, there is a voice in you lying silent; waiting for you to unleash its power. It is begging for you to be bold enough to make it known. Sadly you doubt your existence and try to make yourself insignificant. Due to this behavior, you doubt your inner voice. This is so selfish as you don’t want your voice to be heard.

2. You are not Original

The worst thing that hurts inspiration is to see you with a mask. It is disheartening to watch you unveil yourself as an imposter. On the outside, you give a false image and dubious impression about yourself but Inspiration knows that you are not original and has to live with the lies that you reveal outside. She is sad because she knows that you are more than what you think you are.

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3. You Are Wasting Time

Since inspiration has known you, she has come to find out that you are so busy. Now this should be a good thing; Isn’t it? Yet inspiration has found out that you are not giving her quality time. You waste your time on things that don’t matter.

Inspiration has tried so hard to make you understand that she needs your time but you try to make her understand that you have all the time in the world. She is sad because time waits for no man. When will you have time her; inspiration ponders and ponders.

4. You Allow What Others Say About You Matter

How strange that all that inspiration has said to you don’t matter. You allow what others think about you to matter. You don’t listen to the voice of inspiration. Inspiration says so many good things about you, yet you don’t take her words so serious. It seems as if you don’t care about inspiration but are more concerned how you look good to others.

Here is what Inspiration tells you but you don’t listen; there are people that you so motivate; people who want to be like you because you have an amazing set of unique gifts. They are wondering why you don’t see this yourself but listen to critics that make you insignificant.

5. You Refuse to be Responsible

This is the saddest part of your union with inspiration. You refuse to provide value; you refuse to be responsible. Instead of trying to work together with inspiration, you keep saying there are no resources. “I need lots of resources to begin with” is what you keep telling inspiration. Yet right before you are resources beyond your measure; right before you is the key to achieve your dreams and big picture. You are that resource. Plain & simple!

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The sad thing is that you don’t realize who you are; that you are perfectly, infinitely creative and an awesome personality.

6. You are secretly having an affair Excuse

Of all the ways to break the heart of inspiration, it is to go out and date Excuse. What is it that Excuse has, that inspiration does not have? How is it that Excuse can make you so happy, yet you can despise Inspiration. This is so strange but it is also hard to comprehend.

There were warning signs when you began to play the blame game. Suddenly everything turned upside down and your life never remained the same when you started dating Excuse. You started pointing fingers at everything and even began to blame inspiration for your circumstances and situation.

There was no way inspiration could have discovered that it was about Excuse and now it seems it too late. Can you and inspiration still get back together?

Over To You

Now you know why I accused you of cheating on inspiration. So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to work it out with inspiration or keep on following Excuse? Please let me know in the comment section.

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