Everybody desires to have flawless oral hygiene. But, this dream is achieved by only a few of us. It is not hard to achieve a healthy oral structure if we follow even a moderately strict regimen. We have mentioned a few tips below for more info on dental hygienist work environment.

  1. Use the right toothbrush

It is the most common but equally underrated fact that you must use the right toothbrush for cleaning your teeth. You must use a toothbrush which is appropriately sized so that you can move it around your mouth comfortably. Moreover, change it every three months on an average or earlier if you see that the bristles of the brush have worn out. 

  1. Use the right technique to brush your teeth

Not many people know that they do not brush their teeth properly. You can ask your dentist to demonstrate it to you how you should brush your teeth. It is also important to know the usage of other oral hygiene aids. It helps to remove bacterial plaque or biofilm without causing any damage to the teeth. 

  1. Do not brush too often

You must not brush your teeth more than twice a day. It is also crucial to brush them gently. Gentle brushing is good enough to removing the food waste from between the teeth. Excessive scrubbing causes enamel removal and gum recession, which keeps the teeth at greater risk of decay. The crown of the teeth is protected by these physical attributes, which get worn out by excessive brushing. If you feel that your teeth need more cleaning, you can eat fibrous fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots.

  1. Floss your teeth

It has been stated many times but still people feel lazy to make flossing a part of their routines. Cleaning your teeth with floss removes plaque from those areas of your teeth where your toothbrush can never reach. And a bad oral hygiene means a bad overall health.

  1. Avoid tobacco

You already know that tobacco is not good for your oral hygiene. Over and above, when you consume things like candies, coffee and tea to curb the smell of tobacco, you cause a greater damage to your health. All these things cause tremendous and irreversible damage to your health.

  1. Cut down on sodas and alcohol

Phosphorous in alcohol and sodas is sometimes required by our body but consuming excess amount of these drinks causes depletion of other nutrients in the body. Lower amounts of calcium in the body causes gum disease and tooth decay. Moreover, your pearly white teeth may appear discolored and dull if you consume an excess of processed foods. If you feel the craving of sodas and alcohol, try to develop a habit of consuming natural drinks like juices and milk.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water is not only good for your skin, but also for your oral hygiene. Dryness in mouth is caused by various factors like consuming alcohol, caffeine, medicines and regular smoking. As we grow old, we often take more medicines which make our mouth dry. Our mouth must be kept moist at all times. Thus, you must drink plenty of water during the day. In addition, you can keep a bottle of water on your bedside if you wake up at nights due to thirst.

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