Arthritis exercising can be the biggest favor to relieve pain. People with arthritis can find it difficult to do regular exercises because of pain in their joints. Gentle exercise on the joints should be an option, which will improve the symptoms of arthritis. Don’t allow yourself to ditch the exercises because you have arthritis pain, because exercising will keep you moving. Exercising has many benefits on your health which include, avoiding stiffening of the joints, strength build up, good mood and the health of your heart. Here are 7 exercises to lower your arthritis pain:

1. Cycling

Cycling is a gentle and low-impact exercise. You can do it anywhere at the gym or at home with a stationary bike or outdoors cycling. Do you wake up with a stiff joint? If yes, then cycling will make your mornings brighter. Cycling helps reduce the morning joint stiffness and greatly improve the legs strength. With arthritis, you are at a high risk of cardiovascular diseases, by cycling this help improve the health of your heart.

2. Take walks

Taking walks is one way to ease the joint pains and improve your mood. By walking you liberate your joint, making them flexible and also aids in taking away the pains. Arthritis can expose you to heart problems like low heart rate, but by walking you help to boost it up. When we feel pain we are prone to having bad moods, walking gets you relaxed and greatly improves your mood.

3. Hydrotherapy

Research has proved that water exercises are more effective than exercises on the ground. Exercising in warm water either by swimming or water aerobics help restore and improve the function of the affected joints. By exercising in water, joint pains decrease and make your joints tender alleviating the stiff joints pains. When exercising in water, the buoyancy relieves your joints of any pressure.

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4. Pilates workouts

Having a problem with weak muscles? Causes of joint pains may render your muscles weak. This can be immobilizing. Your muscles help support the joints. Pilates workout help to restore strength in your muscles, it also stabilizes the joints. Here is how you can practice a Pilate workout. Lay on your back with bent knees. Along either side of your body let your arms rest and deeply breath out with your lips closed, draw together your abdominals then lift the pelvis. With the same posture deeply breathe in and then breathe out to return the pelvis down. Do it again.

5. Weight-lifting

Doing moderate strength training helps a lot to lessen the causes of joint pain. Arthritis renders most of its patient to have weak strength due to weakened muscles. Weight lifting is a form of strength training that help to reduce the pain and restore strength in the muscles. Muscles usually support the joints. Thus, with strong muscles you can move your body joints with lessened pain and without any resistance. This enables you to carry on with your activities without a problem. To practice the weight-lifting exercise, you will have to consult with your doctor who will guide you depending on your current condition. After that you can be assisted by your trainer or do it on your own. For a start use hand weights below 5 lbs as you increase depending on your conditions. Hand weight-lifting is good for adding strength to your arms. The exercise can also be done under water with help from your trainer which is more effective.

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6. Stretching

Stretching has been recommended by many doctors as an exercise for lowering joint pain types. Stretching includes very simple exercises, you can do them anywhere even at the office. Stretch different parts of the body depending on the problematic area. It can be hand stretching which is recommended for people with pain in the hands and fingers, stretching can also be done to relieve and reduce pains in the legs, waist, hips and the back. Stretch every morning to lower joint pains and to help you perform your daily activities with ease.

7. Yoga

Yoga classes can greatly help to lower your arthritis pain. With its postures, breathing and a feeling of relaxation, yoga improves your mood. It also helps to make the stiff joints tender. Yoga workouts which involve stretching encourage flexibility in your joints. Consider yoga classes to help relieve pain and improve swollen joints.


Activity is very important for arthritis patients. With low activity people with arthritis may experience low muscle strength, arthritis pains and even disability. Thus, exercising is critically needed for improving the symptoms of arthritis. With arthritis certain exercises can be limiting and may seem to worsen the situation. Seeing your doctor will be more effective as they will guide you on the exercises that are good for you.


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