Sometimes writing a 300-word article can feel like trying to move Mount Everest. What I mean is, you know the topic very well, you have the ideas and tools you need but you cannot quite put them down the way you want to. For some reason, you’ve got your mind bouncing from one idea to another and your fingers poised on your keyboard ready to type them down.

Yet, somehow you end up clicking webpages and reading things you are not supposed to. You tell yourself it will only be five minutes. And then 5 minutes later you go five more minutes and boom! Distractions have won you over. Real work will have to wait. This is the most challenging problem freelance writers’ face every now and then.

Staying focused on a task is a lot more difficult than you think. That’s why the following tools and apps have been designed to help you complete tasks more efficiently and effectively:

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1. ZenWriter – It is an app that maximizes on your productivity as a freelance writer. Shuns away all distractions by giving you a full screen working space approach. If you are a freelance writer struggling with putting your thoughts together and in order then zenwriter should help you with that. It allows you to be thorough with the details of your work without driving of the intended course. Most users have labelled it ‘a peaceful environment for writing’. You can use it for writing essays, press release, web content, emails etc.

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2. Socialoomph – A tool that enables you to manage many social accounts at once. This is aimed at maximizing productivity. If you are a regular social media user then you need socialoomph to help you organize scheduled updates and get you real people into your network. People who value and understand consistency. The best thing about it is that you can put everything on auto-mode. You can automate all of your networks – twitter, facebook, linkedin you name it. Try by taking a test-drive to discover the numerous ways you can save your time and energy with socialoomph.

3. Writinghouse – For those embarking on a writing journey and are thinking of venturing into academic writing then this is the best place to help you get acquainted with citations and bibliography. They provide a variety of academic writing tools e.g. Chicago style, Harvard style, APA style etc. Experienced writers would also find this website very useful and convenient.

4. Bestessaytips – This will help write better essays. They provide valuable tips that go along way into shaping you into the best essay writer you can be. Although initially this was aimed for college students, they have now expanded their scope and are open to anyone desiring to learn about how to write term papers, dissertations, research papers, course work papers etc. They nurture with all the healthy nutrients that a great writer needs.

5. Writeordie – this website puts your productivity to an actual test. You can find out how many words you can write in how many minutes. It can also show your typing speed, so you get to gauge accurately your general writing skills set. It also has some formatting features as well. One brilliant thing about this site is it has an inbuilt edit minion that keeps track of various language structures and styles.

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6. Allcorrect – When you are looking to produce content that is of top-notch quality then you need it checked and double checked by an adept editor with sufficient language prowess. They provide editing and proofreading services at a reasonable rate. They offer discounts which makes their services affordable to a lot of people. They are willing to give you a refund if or when you find their work unsatisfactory or substandard. They respect their clients and conduct their business with uttermost discretion.

7. – Here you don’t have to worry about information theft at all. No set up is required and you can key in content anonymously. They allow you to save your writing freely and easily. So if you are on the bus and an idea strikes don’t worry, just pen it down and hit save.

With the advent of a rapidly increasing technological world, productivity tools couldn’t be born at a more opportune time. We need these tools to help us get close to those far-fetched dreams.

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