Whether you have a single or multiple missing teeth, you must visit your dentist to get affordable dental implant or bridges or dentures. Replacing missing teeth is vital for restoring your facial appearance and for improving your oral health.

Here are the 7 major reasons for replacing missing teeth.

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1. Tooth shifting-when you lose a tooth; the surrounding teeth also begin to move. They drift into the open gap that is created by the missing tooth or teeth. If missing tooth or teeth are not replaced, it may result in shifting of all the teeth. Your teeth may become crooked and misaligned. To keep your teeth properly aligned you must replace missing teeth as soon as you lose them.

2. Bite problem-teeth loss causes the remaining teeth to shift out of alignment. As a result, bite problem develops. The Upper and lower jaw doesn’t meet properly. This further result in damaging and straining the jaw joint, called as TMJ syndrome.

3. Increased risk of periodontal disease-since teeth shift out of alignment after tooth loss, it becomes difficult to reach all the areas inside the mouth with the toothbrush. Improper brushing and flossing results in plaque build-up, increasing the risk of gingivitis and periodontal gum disease. Some other oral health problems that you may face are tooth decay and cavities.

4. Sagging and worn-out appearance-if missing teeth are not replaced, jawbone deteriorates, leading to drastic alteration in the appearance of your face. You may look old and worn-out. Your facial features may appear sunken and sagging. To ensure that you look young and attractive you must replace missing teeth.

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5. Loss of confidence and self-esteem-missing teeth can prevent you from smiling and talking confidently. You may feel awkward in public and may hesitate in going out and meeting friends and family. Studies reveal that tooth loss often affects the performance of an individual at work. One feels lack of confidence and self-esteem and this has a direct impact on what a person thinks and feels about himself.

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6. Poor health-Tooth loss can prevent you from eating healthy foods, such as nuts, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, meat, poultry, and other such foods that are essential for enjoying good overall health. You may experience difficulty in biting and chewing your food properly and this may result in poor digestion. Poor digestion can in turn result in other health problems such as acidity, loss of appetite, and obesity.

7. Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes-studies have revealed that there is a strong link between oral health and general health of a person. Tooth decay and periodontal disease increase the risk of stroke and diabetes. Several studies reveal that gum disease also increases the risk of osteoporosis. By not replacing missing teeth, you can onset the process of tooth decay and periodontal disease and can put your general health under risk.

To avoid above problems and to enjoy healthy teeth and gums, and overall healthy body, get affordable dental implant in Thailand today. Dental implants offer the best teeth restorative solution to replace single, as well as multiple missing teeth.

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