I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again.” ~ Sylvia Plath

I was born once, and that alone is not enough to grasp a new concept within philosophy. It is the mind-state, a person’s karma which allows them to grasp certain things. Things were a bit simpler in my time, but yet distractions were always there–today we have more machines, technologies and more and more distracting energies blinding us to a primary purpose. Is your purpose just to suffer? Suffering always seem to be due from a cause–my eyes weren’t opened, not listening to my parents etc. So I suffered because of it. I’ve learned a lot of things in my life so far, but yet I think I’m far from being born again.

Yes, we’ve heard the philosophy of being born again… here, let me splash this consciousness in your face and see if we can wake up more, together. photo credit: Tomasito! via Getty Images

We as human beings in this age love when things are easy; especially me. But yet, we had to fight to get on this planet. Do you remember? Do you remember the story of how you got here? You had to fight, we had to fight to be born here.

Here’s one for you: “what did the egg say to the sperm?

Among a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Among a thousand who find me, one follows me. And among a thousand who follow me, one is mine.” – Bhagavad-Gita

Do you remember? I do! I’ve heard the story plenty of times in my youth. I’ve always found the story quite gross when I was younger, but what kid didn’t?.. Now I am older and find the story fascinating. I don’t remember any of it specifically, but perhaps I am living it all over again, which would explain my crying like a baby sometimes. Haha!

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In that struggle for survival there was plenty of chaos. How do I know this? I remember one day I was watching a documentary and I believe it was on the Discovery channel. They were talking about how babies come about, (not that I needed to be reminded) and what do you know—I learned something new. I learned that the mother’s immune system is “somewhat” against sperm, because she see’s them as foreign entities. So what happens is that her immune system fights, and tries to kill all of those foreign entities. Isn’t life hard sometimes?

Let’s go inside! photo credit: Todd Davidson PTY LTD. via Getty Images

As I stated earlier, there are many distractions and those distractions often throw us off of our primary task. What is our primary task? Could it be being distracted? I didn’t think so either.

All kinds of distractions are created to throw us off from being born per se: TV, Jobs, Religion, Sports, Music etc. All kinds of distractions are created to push us back in the race, but these are the tests. Why do you think that we are referred to as the Human race? Just saying! The way that I am explaining this may give you an idea of selfishness, as I am referring to a race. This selfishness is a healthy selfishness because you try your best to protect your mind from all of the chaos. However, we must also be there for one another the best we can.

The tests that we are given may be tests to check our purity status, getting us ready for better things. Order from chaos, diamonds from bacteria, butterflies from caterpillars, plant life through concrete etc.

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Being born again is something of a broad concept and filled with so much life, but often misunderstood. I am no guru, starseed, savior, or anything like that but I am merely human, explaining that we have gotten it wrong. However, on the surface it is correct, but a symbol of something greater and not the real thing. One must live life and develop their own unique philosophy, as the philosophy is the babies face—the difference in appearance from all others, but part of the same human family.

There is a reason why we all look different, and that is for the individual to figure out. I cannot tell you what your root cause is, but you fought for it and now you’re here. Everything has a shadow, and concepts are not excluded from this. If you want to be saved, you must learn how to swim in the vast sea of knowledge, and even that has it’s shadows—it takes understanding to know what it really is.

To be born again is complex, and is not something we say we are. It is the emptying of chaos in one’s very own soul, which is done through living. Some people may say that it is being born of the spirit, which I agree but that is a more complicated philosophy. In my writings, I try to simplify things but sometimes I am unsuccessful, as some may still not understand.

We were born once, and the next birth we are fully responsible and will remember the struggle back to mommy. Why do you think they are so busy hating mom, hating the woman, degrading the woman? That is our ticket out of this madness and back home. Do not be afraid to be alone in your philosophy. Live!

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns about this philosophy, feel free to start a discussion in the comments area below.

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