Have you ever wondered about where you came from and where you are going? The journey from life to what death is?

Have you ever wondered about where you came from and where you are going? The journey from life till death is not just a phenomenon. It’s a mystery which, if you understand completely, can liberate you! If you understand this journey from life to death, you have solved the puzzle of eternity.

To start unraveling this mystery, all you need to do is look at the origin of the journey. Yes, you need to look at a child. If you look at her or him completely free of your own bias, you can see the eternity. A child has eyes, ears, nose and all the other senses just like you. A child can feel pain, pleasure, happiness etc. just like you. However there’s one thing that’s not like you.

A child can remain at peace with himself/herself all 24 hours. She or he has no bounds, no attachments. A child is crying this moment and starts to laugh the next moment. How does she or he do it?

A child has no ego, yes that’s true. She doesn’t know that she is separate from the world around her. A child is not aware of their independent existence.

Why? You must be asking this question. Why does a child not have knowledge of her independent existence? The answer is simple. She has just arrived from eternity. She is not overburdened by views, perceptions, and ideas! A child does not have any idea about such ‘ideas’. A child is pure. A child sees everything from the point of view where there are no misconstructions or pre-processed data.

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Experience a child, Experience Enlightenment

The beauty of the start of this journey of life to death is the eternity that’s reflected in a child. If you simply observe a child carefully, you’ll come to know the secret. If you take away a toy that she’s playing with, she’ll cry. However suddenly you give her something to eat or perhaps take her out to the garden, just look at her overjoyed and blissful face. How does she do it? She does not even remember what happened in the immediate past.

A child manages to slip from one moment to another effortlessly. There’s no effort involved in this. She has no inkling of her ego. The ego hasn’t developed yet. Another example is when a mother scolds a child, just observe. The child starts crying but still when she stops crying she comes back to her mother. Beautiful, isn’t it? Ego is what separates us from our eternity. It’s the knowledge of one self as being separate from our source. A child is simply bereft of such mechanism.

The source of bliss

Children are clean slate on which nothing is written. It’s a cup that’s always empty. Just like in Zen, an empty cup holds everything. Once it is full, it can’t hold more. A child is empty of ego; she’s connected to the source. Think about the journey from life to death as a beginning from our eternal source to ending in our eternal source. The journey starts with bliss and it must also END in bliss. If it ends in bliss, you have been successful in unraveling the mystery of life and death. To be able to do that your most easy starting point is the child. The secret is hidden in the source. The secret is hidden in the BEGINNING. It is your door to eternity!

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