Having a healthy lifestyle is every family’s goal. It includes everything, from eating the right things to going out at the right time. But how can we identify what is healthy and what is not healthy for us? Is sleeping at 8 healthy for you? Not always. Health and wellness is different for different people. What might apply to you might not apply to another family.

Health & wellness refers to the overall state of a person. Their physical and mental health.. They should not be ill and should lead an active lifestyle. The main point to note here is that the individual should be willing to change his/her lifestyle. Wellness is not when you are forced to do something. It should come from within you. It is a methodology that has to be applied in order for it to be effective and produce positive results. You might be thinking that achieving a healthy lifestyle and well-being is a time consuming and costly process when in reality it is not. The three most important steps to achieve a lifestyle of health and wellness are positive thinking, obtaining inner peace and learning to forgive and forget.

Positive Thinking

This term is commonly used by everyone. But do we know what it really is? Positive thinking is not just thinking of unrealistic things that you know cannot happen but you still think about them because they let you escape a harsh reality. That is a wrong concept. Positive thinking is a mental attitude. These are thoughts that make you happy because you expect good things to happen. You do not worry about the negative results.

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You believe that every person will achieve eternal happiness and that these obstacles are just a way to prepare us for all the good that has yet to come. This does not mean that you do something wrong and then expect the whole situation to turn over and miraculously make everything right. No. You should expect and accept the consequences that you know you deserve but you should not give up hope. You should not start to belittle yourself and think that nothing ever good will happen to you. To be healthy and change your life to one of wellness you must have positive thinking. Strive towards doing your best and believe that you will get rewarded.

Inner Peace

Before we go on to discuss how inner peace is achieved, we must first understand what inner peace is. Inner peace is a state of the mind where you make yourself so strong mentally that you are not affected by everyday stress and anxieties. We are constantly thinking. Our mind is constantly working. Sometimes our thoughts get so overwhelming that all you need is a little quiet and a little calm. Unfortunately our environment does not always give us this state of tranquility. What do we do then? Do we just give up and accept that we will never be able to live peacefully? No. Certainly not. We cannot give up. If we cannot gain peace in our surroundings then we must make our mind a place of sanctuary and retreat there in times of extreme chaos.

Inner peace cannot be achieved in a day. It might take some months while others years to be at peace internally. Inner peace requires you to let go of the stress and tensions. You can do this by either meditating or just sitting quietly and forcing your mind to turn off for a while. Do not confuse this with sleeping. Sleeping is not being at peace. Inner peace is when you are fully awake but your mind is not in its chaotic state. Try working on this and you feel a difference in your whole outlook on life. You will be healthier both physically and mentally.

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Forgive and Forget

Our past is something that we cannot change. What happened there cannot be unwritten. It is something that will remain with us throughout our life. Even this second that is now gone is a part of our past. Not all things that have been are good. In fact most of the things of our past are mistakes and regrets. It is the natural order of things. We have to make mistakes in order to learn from them and become better people. But should we dwell in the past all the time? Should we just think of our mistakes and not concentrate on our happy moments? If we do this then we can never live a healthy life of wellness. Learning to forgive yourself and those around you is one of the most important aspects of achieving wellness. Forgive your and their faults and if you can, then forget what they did to you. When you will forgive and forget, you will be happy and content with yourself and those around you.

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