Student: Master, what is today’s topic?

Master: What has brought you to me is the thirst for knowledge, so shall we make our topic about knowledge?

Student: Okay

Master: Saying okay is always an interesting answer.

Student: May I ask why?

Master: Because it reveals if the participant is thinking or not thinking, based on how it was said.

Student: Do you think I am thinking?

Master: Yes, and you are very anxious to know something. Please humble yourself, so you can get the most out of what I am going to tell you. With knowledge comes a great responsibility. A responsibility that can be used to change the world for the better, or the total opposite, but it first starts with you. What are you feeding with this knowledge? What do you hope to gain from it? Perhaps freedom, but are you feeding something that is against you, or are you feeding your soul?

Student: I would hope my soul.

Master: What have you been doing with your knowledge?

Student: Trying to find my creative side.

Master: Ahhhhh! What an answer, and very unexpected.

Student: : )

Master: I once had a student. He came to me just like you: nowhere to go, nor knowing where to go, with a look on his face as if he’s been to hell and back. He was my student for about 3 years, but I should have seen something coming.

Student: What was that master?

Master: He hung himself.

Student: Wow!

Master: Not in the simple way you are thinking, but in another way. The way of a painting.

Student: A painting master?

Master: 1,000 Words. Let me paint it for you. I have taught him much knowledge, but at the same time very little. One day he ran away to a place far away. One thing I have not taught him about was the ego, which would have taken another 3 years to do. He found men that could help him build an empire. For years I asked myself: “How could he build an empire with only 3 years of knowledge?” He told many people that he was their King, sent by a deity named Jinn. He told the people that Jinn were good angels sent to help humanity. The people didn’t know the other side to that, because they could not read. If they could have read, they would not have read, because they were use to orders.

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Student. I could never let people follow me.

Master: Why not?

Student: Because I would make them leaders.

Master: But wouldn’t that imply them becoming followers first?

Student: Good Point!

Master: : )
Well, he also told them that he was the son of Jinn. Showed them many tricks to prove this to them.

Student: Master, were you ever going to teach him about the ego?

Master: Yes, until he ran away.

Student: I bet all of that ego boasting made him feel real good.

Master: Not only him, but his followers too. They loved surrendering to him. It made them feel very special–knowing to go through him in order to touch their own noses.

Student: Hahahahaha!

Master: Yes, very amusing but very sad. Let me ask you something. Could you ever do anything like that?

Student: To say I am the son of Jinn, do miracles to prove it, build an empire would make me feel like a madman…very egoic. I would help the people to find their own way by telling them to tap into their own power, but not without showing them how.

Master: I love your answer, very compassionate you are and knowledgeable.

Student: Thank you master. I was just being honest.

Master: I know! Let’s say that you did have a chance to do that. Then, centuries later a person comes along and gets a hold of your work, your knowledge. Now there would be much power in that work, but the wrong person gets a hold of it, like my past student per-say….comes along and makes it suitable for his own purposes. Rule nations with your words, your knowledge, instead of using it to benefit humanity. Let’s also say that you could not do anything about it because the people are not asking for help from you, nor do not know that they are deceived.

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Student: I don’t know how I would feel because I am not at that point.

Master: I completely agree, and I shall reveal something else to you.
I was your father in a past lifetime and you were my student that ran away.
These past 3 years I have taught you about ego, so that you may have a better life now and next lifetime. Now I Suffer My Karma Along With You!

The student wakes up from his dream in shock–sweating like a piece of ice in the hot sun. His mother and father runs into his room, but they cannot tell what is wrong with him, besides the shock and sweating. He cannot talk because he was born mute, deaf and his parents moves him around with a wheelchair, which has 1,000 words written on the back of it. The kid is only 4 years old, and the master is now his mother with the same memories of the past. The moral of this story is that knowledge is like a credit card. Either you’re in debt, or you have credit–depending on how you used that knowledge. Please use your knowledge wisely.

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