Students are always in a search for tips-those could be the tips for improving writing skills, tips for getting a higher grade or guidelines for writing a good essay. Here are some of the very useful tips on how to increase your current SAT score.

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Tips For Improving Your SAT Score

Based on your previous SAT tests or practice tests in college, make your own vocabulary list. You might have noticed that there are some words that keep on repeating in the tests. Remember the new words you find every time you take a practice test and then write those down in your list. Define it and learn it so that when it appears again you answer it correctly.

Experiment With Various Strategies To Find What Suits You

Try experimenting with different strategies for the critical reading passage section. Ideally, a student should read the passage only once and should be able to answer all the questions without referring to the passage again. However, this isn’t the case and for this level of reading abilities, you need a lot of practice. Usually students don’t get enough time to prepare for their SAT tests, they just appear for the test after a few months of preparation. So, try different strategies, particularly for this section and see what suits you. For instance, read the questions first, then read the passage and mark the answers. Or you can skim through the passage first, then read the questions carefully then go back to reading the passage. Don’t think that there is only one way of doing certain things. See what suits you and stick to that.

A very useful tip is to never leave your answers blank. It has been observed that the students who leave the answers blank and the ones who blindly guess on every question have the same score. So never ever leave your answers blank even if you have no idea what the answer is.

Read And Keep Reading

Read, read and keep reading as it is the best way you can tackle the passage reading sections. For a good SAT score, you should not only read those topics that you find interesting, but also read the ones you think are extremely boring. Most of the students have a habit of skimming through the boring parts, but this technique can be pretty dangerous when it comes to reading sections of the SAT. Therefore, try to read and focus on topics that might not be much of an interest for you.

Tip For Essay

When writing an essay, try to acknowledge the other point of view. Note that it’s not about agreeing to the other point of view, but only acknowledging it. Accepting different views about a single topic represents maturity in your writing, which the graders appreciate. It’s like you are accepting the fact that the opposing point of view is acceptable and it exists, but somehow your point of view is superior to the others. For instance, if the topic says hard work is the key to success, then you can write while hard work is important for being successful, some lazy people also are successful due to their visionary strategic planning. This is certainly a great way to stand out from all the different essays.

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