It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

— Albert Einstein

are we losing our spiritualityIs spirituality something that is fading fast in the light of the machine and technology? What is the truth here? Are we losing our spirituality to high technology, social media, and the addictive online experience? What is the answer? This article will attempt to show what the state of affairs here is with diminishing spirituality and exactly what is responsible for it today.

Could it be us as people who are responsible or is it the things that we do in the internet world that is influencing us to slowly lose touch with ourselves? Spirituality is the very best from the rest that a person does have. Should you let yourself to lose a connection with this finest self by turning yourself more over to the influences of technology and the internet? Please read on to learn more about this issue and just how you can get away from these overpowering influences and turn more to your inner self that does matter more than these other things do.

Are the devices that we are interacting with making us fear our own company? Are we as human beings changing due to our growing addiction to technology and computers? What is the truth here? Is personal spirituality still alive in us?

Are We Losing Our Spirituality?

Despite that we may be changing in a some ways where our world is concerned doesn’t mean that we have to alter the relationship that we do have with ourselves. It’s as simple as that. When you change on the inside, it is a conscious decision to do so, and no one will willingly change themselves spiritually unless they want to at the end of the day.

Technology, computers, and the internet world does indeed have a strong influence on us in a certain way. However, it doesn’t have any real hold on us spiritually, as we are in charge of that aspect of us alone.

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If you choose to go ahead and change your personal relationship that you have with yourself, and your spirituality, it is all about you and nothing else. Surely, technology does indeed have a strong and undeniable presence, but it can’t make you part with yourself. You are the one that controls that and nothing or no one else has that authority over you. You control everything about you.

are we losing our spirituality

High technology, social media, and the internet world are all inviting things in their own way. Nonetheless, they aren’t forces that can mold you into something you don’t want to be, you have the power of personal choice and voice. It doesn’t matter if you want to be creative, work on self-improvement, or anything else that will better you in every way.

You, as a spiritual being in this life, and world do carry your own weight to either make a difference or let something else make a difference for you. Spirituality is what you make it. You either make it or break it. The relationship we have with ourselves is the very thing that determines how we deal with our spirituality.

Spirituality is a force from within each of us. We either limit it or make it limitless. If you have dreams, it is your spirituality that will guide you, and become the best self-improvement tool possible in your life. You are the very essence of what you make yourself to be.

Technology of any kind doesn’t have a hold over your spirituality or your inner being. You only have that kind of magic. If you choose to be less than you are, you will be this, and that isn’t because of the world around you. You make your own impression on the world. It doesn’t make its mark or impression on you.

We all matter in this world. However, spirituality is all about self-worth, and nothing can threaten your own self-worth other than the meaning that you give it yourself. You assign yourself, your very own meaning in life, and what meaning that life has for you. No one, or no thing, can influence you to get rid of your self-worth in this world. You, as a human being, make your own destiny. You also decide if you will let your own spirituality to lead you and guide you. Simple as that.

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Spirituality is the one shield that can surround you and protect you at the very same time. No force on earth can interfere with it or you. At least not, if you let it, and that access is something you allow or don’t allow. High technology, social media, and the online experience can be addictive and try to win you over. However, it can’t get at the soul in you, and the core of you is your spirituality. If you dream of achieving greatness in the world, or any type of success, you do need your spirituality to lead you towards that destination. It isn’t something that will just happen because you want it to happen. You’ve got to look inside yourself and bring out that side of yourself for the world to see. Self improvement and creativity are all equal parts of what does make up an individual’s spirituality in the world.

are we losing our spirituality

The number of thumps up or likes that you get on Facebook, Twitter, or any other popular social media isn’t what determines your value. You define and find your own value in the online and offline world. You are in charge of you. You permit any changes that do affect you for the better or worse.

The online experience and technology can’t touch your spirit or your spirituality in any way. Therefore, if you begin to see your spirituality slip, it’s because you are letting it happen and not at all about your addiction to high technology, computers, or the online world. You, and you alone, make your own power to impress and promote self-improvement/happiness.

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