It is generally said that a person with good humor is a person with a good and long life. A good sense of humor is always infectious. From ancient times laughter has, as such, been treated as the symbol of unity, unitization rather. Humorous words have the capacity to unite people even more than the most motivational of the leaders. But the contemporary lifestyle has turned human beings into oiled gadgets who are generally concerned only with work and have naturally started to forget the value added by laughter in their life.

Benefits of laughter:

Not only is laughter considered as a de-stressing factor for the mind but it also provides the medicament to numerous physical problems. The most important thing, although, laughter provides you with the fact that it strengthens social bonds which is as dead as a dodo in today’s world.

1. Psychological:

Laughter can be considered as an instant solution for a stressed mind as it eases anxiety and fear by adding happiness to life and because it is the most effective stress buster, it improves your mood in a whisker. Amalgamation of all these qualities further improves your resilience.

2. Physical:

The most essential physical value provided by laughter is the fact that it decreases chances of a heart disease. The fact is proven scientifically as it has been found out by research that a spell of laughter lowers stress hormones by quite an extent which boosts your immunity. Apart from all these things, laughter not only relaxes your muscles after a hectic day at the office but also surprisingly lessens pain to an extent.

3. Social:

A person with a good sense of humor attracts attention like a bee hive and is acceptable in the society promptly. If you are capable of generating laughter, you will gradually find out that it is much easier for you to strengthen your relationships, work effectively as a proactive member in a team where it will be easier for you to resolve conflicts and finally gel your unit as an effective team.

  • Sources of laughter:

A very important contemporary dilemma is about where to search for laughter. The entertainment industry has taken a pioneering role in this issue. There are several television shows apart from film which promotes laughter as a main source to be successful at the box office or the TRP. But following a comedy series is a matter of continuation which might not be affordable for you regularly given your busy schedule. In such a case, another effective option might be watching a contemporary stand-up comedy show which does not require continuation.

    Still if you feel like you don’t have time or interest in the earlier sources, you always have the option of joining the social clubs of repute like Harmoniamarin. In the club you can enjoy all sorts of socializing, like screening of movies, private parties, concerts with famous musicians, Harmonia Hootenannies among various other events where you get the opportunity to socialize, laugh and finally free yourself from stress at least for the time being.
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