If you have been taking in so many herbal remedies for weight-loss, you must stop and think. Are these herbal remedies safe enough? Some over the counter weight-loss supplements contain certain herbs that may not give you healthy weight-loss results. These herbal weight-loss therapies contain ingredients and herbs that may have some serious side-effects on health and can lead to serious health situations. In order to lose weight in a healthy way avoid these herbs:

Green Tea:

Yes, this fact is strange as green tea is considered a safe and effective way to reduce weight but if taken in excess or in certain cases, it can be harmful. Green tea is derived from the plant of Camellia sinensis, and used to improve mental alertness and lower cholesterol. It contains Vitamin K, which if taken in high amount counteracts the effect of warfarin (a water-soluble compound with anticoagulant properties โ€“ prevents blood clotting). Therefore, green tea interferes with our blood flow, thereby causing troubles for the heart.

Grapefruit Juice:

It is easily available in the market, and often promoted for weight-loss and heart health. Grapefruit juice interferes with an enzyme that is essential for absorbing medications properly, including statins and calcium-channel blockers (slows the flow of calcium to heart, which helps heart to pump blood properly). Research has shown, calcium-channel blockers almost doubles up when you drink a single glass of grapefruit juice, which is not good for heart health.

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Dandelion is a natural diuretic which helps you lose weight by making you urinate more often. Dandelion causes allergic reactions, and is not recommended to people who are allergic to ragweed and some related plants like daisies, chrysanthemums and marigolds.

Jaguar Gum:

It is also known as guar, guar floor and guar gum, and is a dietary fiber obtained from Indian cluster beans. It helps lose weight by helping food move through the digestive tract and firming up the stool. It decreases appetite by creating a feeling of fullness. But like glucomannan, guar gum is known to cause blockage in esophagus. Because of the water retaining property of gum, it swells the esophagus to 10-to 20 folds and can even lead to gastrointestinal blockages. It also effects blood sugar level in the body and hence is not recommended for diabetic patients.

Aloe Vera:

also called aloe, it is a renowned weight loss herb and is added to many herbal weight-loss products. It helps lose weight by accelerating bowel movements and even acts as an internal cleanser. Though, there is not any permanent weight-loss effect of Aloe vera, but oral intake of Aloe vera can have several side-effects like abdominal cramping, diarrhea, electrolyte disturbances and potassium decrease. Therefore, taking Aloe vera orally is not very safe, especially in high doses.

Most of the natural herbs promote weight-loss by suppressing appetite or increasing bowel movements. All this is unnatural and can have several harmful effects on the body, hence taking these herbs orally or in any weight-loss supplement can lead to many serious health problems. Pregnant women and patients who are already suffering from one or the other health issues must avoid these herbs completely.

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