For those women who have given birth know the joy of being a mother. Motherhood is all about caring for your child, nourishing it, protecting it from harm and nurturing it. You take all the steps necessary that will help raise your child to be a good human being. The way that you protect your child and educate them is going to help them be a better and more responsible adult. Any mother would want their child to have everything and keep them away from all the problems that are emotional, physical or medical.

An infant’s body is more prone to diseases and have weaker immunity than adults. This means that they need more protection from the weather as well. The winter can be cruel to any adult’s skin, but a child’s skin is even more delicate. Here are a few baby care tips for harsh winters that you can use to take care of your child during this time of year.

How many lessons of faith and beauty we should lose, if there were no winter in our year!

— Thomas Wentworth Higginson

baby care tips for harsh winters

Baby Care Tips for Harsh Winters

Chapped Lips:

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the skin. Therefore, they can get chapped really quickly. One of the main reasons for chapped lips is the baby drooling or licking their lips time and time again. This can result in the loss of moisture from your baby’s lips. To compensate that, use Vaseline or lip balm. Especially when you are taking your baby out, make sure that it has a coating of any form of cream on its lips. There are no specific brands for babies, and the ones used by adults will fulfill your need.

Frost Nip:

Frost-nip is a type of frostbite, but milder than the real thing. Babies can have this reaction in their toes, hands, and feet. It is due to the body wanting to keep your vital organs warm. This is why it retracts blood from a human’s limbs and keeps your organs functioning. To protect your baby from getting a frost-nip, you need to cover your baby’s hands and feet with woolen gloves and socks. Keep the head protected through a woolen hat as well. Staying out too long with your baby is not a good option. If your baby’s skin turns red, then give it a bath in lukewarm water. If the redness does not go away in a few hours, consult your doctor.

Rough Cheeks:

A baby’s cheeks can become red and rough in the winter. Butt cheeks and parts where the skin rubs each other, like thighs can also get a rash. It is due to the skin being burnt due to friction caused by the wind or rubbing skin with each other. Wet diapers and a runny nose also contribute to this problem as well. To protect this from happening you need to use a moisturizer on all these parts of the baby.

Protection after Bath:

You can bathe your baby as often as you want. But you should make sure that its skin gets the moisture it needs. A dry atmosphere can harm the skin and introduce rashes. To prevent that from happening, you must not use water that is too warm. You must not use shampoos or soaps that dry out the skin. Most often these products are the ones that contain alcohol or are too fragrant.

baby care tips for harsh winters

Scalp Care:

When the scalp goes dry, yellow greasy scales start clinging to your baby’s scalp, skin behind the ears and even on the hairline. This condition is known as cradle cap. Although the condition is harmless, you can still eradicate it by doing a simple remedy. Apply baby oil or olive oil to the scalp then brush the flakes off. Give your baby a bath afterwards.

Yeast Infection:

A baby naturally has yeast in its intestines which can cause it to appear in its poop. Another situation would be if a mother or the nursing mother is on antibiotics. If the diaper is not changed promptly, then the prolonged exposure to it can cause the infection. An infection can also appear on the neck or other areas where there are skin folds. Use a rash treatment for those red rashes, but if the problem still persists, consult a dermatologist.

Clothes for Maximum Protection:

Going out in the winter air, you may be good with a sweater, pants, and overcoat. You have the liberty to follow fashion in winter. But for your baby, protection comes first. Use a long-sleeved onesie over full sleeved baby suits. To add another layer of protection, use a sweater and a hat. It could be so that your baby might get red due to wool. Try a different fabric other than wool in that case. To cover your baby at night use cotton blankets to swaddle her.

Avoid going out too often for too long in winters with your baby. Have your baby stay in so that it is the most protection possible. Even after all the precautions that you take, there could be a chance that the baby might get infected due to some virus. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your baby’s health.

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