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There were some intelligent people of the ancient age, who had discovered the health benefits of inversion therapy. Of course, the benefits were forgotten and then the modern scientists found the back pain relieving benefits of inversion therapy.

Today, it is popular across the world as spinal decompression therapy. Thousands of people do it to live a healthy life. Of course, most of them do this therapy over an inversion table. You may also be thinking about buying an inversion table yourself.

There are different choices in the inversion table that might be confusing you, but there is no need to get puzzled. This guide will lead you towards the best inversion table available in the market.

How To Choose An

Inversion Table

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It must be durable

An inversion table can last for a very long time, if it has a durable frame. It is better to spend some extra time in the search of a durable inversion table and not regretting after buying a poor quality inversion table. The frame must be robust and built of high-quality material like robust steel.

Better durability means better weighing capacity and a longer service. The experts have observed that most people are attracted towards brands and don’t pay attention to the frame type and durability. You should not make the same mistake. You should check the quality specifications of all brands’ tables so that you can buy durable equipment.

Find the best brands

Of course, as before mentioned, a brand is not the only thing that makes an inversion table perfect, but brands become popular by providing the best products. The branded equipment’s may be costlier than the standard equipment’s, but they will offer a life-long service.

There are some famous brands, which always try to improve the quality of their inversion tables by making these equipment’s more comfortable for users. They add innovative backrests, high-quality cushioning and other features to improve the quality of the equipment.

Another thing that makes branded tables reliable is their lab testing. The designers and manufacturers spend many days in testing these inversion tables to make sure they have built a high-quality product.

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There are many companies, which get support of some independent quality testing agencies to prove the quality of their equipment. These companies try to offer an inversion table that can easily weigh up to 300lbs in weight and offer a soothing inversion therapy. Search for such brands and then choose the inversion table by considering these other features.

What about finding an inversion table with some luxurious features?

When you are planning to buy an equipment for relief of back pain, then what is wrong in finding the equipment with some impressive features? You should not think about spending some extra money when you can buy an inversion table with the best features.

The renowned companies always try to lure the buyers by adding some more features in their inversion tables. It is beneficial for you because you get features like lumbar pillows, therapeutic backrest, angle pre-setting, and interchangeable parts. The branded inversion tables come with the warranty of all these add-ons and that’s why these tables are quite useful for buyers.

Is it comfortable?

You can find brands and with amazing features, but an inversion table would be useless if you don’t feel comfortable over it. It is best to avoid using the inversion table and not investing money in an equipment that causes discomfort during the spinal decompression therapy.

There are some inversion tables in the market, which have poor design and lack features. Some of these inversion tables do not offer enough padding to increase comfort. You should avoid such tables and search for an inversion table, which has enough padding and high-quality parts to improve your comfort during the therapy.

How much it can weigh

Many buyers buy an inversion table without considering the features. You must check the most important points in the features and that is weighing capacity of the inversion table.

All of your family members may like to try the inversion therapy once you buy an inversion table. This table should be perfect for all. It should not be an equipment that can weigh only to fit people’s weight.

It should weigh up to 300 pounds so that a heavier person can also use it for inversion therapy. The 300lbs weight, weighing inversion tables come with a robust frame and perfect design. Therefore, these tables are the best.

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What the customers say about the selected brand’s inversion table?

Once you’ve checked all the features and shortlisted the best brands, now is the time to check the customer reviews. You can easily find the customer reviews on online inversion table selling sites. Amazon is the best source to find out what customers feel after buying an inversion table. Check the positive and negative comments of the buyers.

You should reject the inversion tables which do not have positive reviews, of course. The customers often share their views about the inversion table.

Suppose, an inversion table is jerky, awkward or rough, the buyers would share their experience as a product review. People often try to report the problems and tell other buyers about the problems they are facing with an inversion table. You can check their reviews and prevent yourself from buying a poor quality inversion table.

Find the best inversion table under your budget

The days are gone when land based fitness equipment selling stores were the only option for buying an inversion table. Now you can buy the best quality inversion tables online.

You should use an online shopping facility to find the best quality inversion tables in your budget. It will take only a few minutes and you can get the best brands in search results.

You should not be in a hurry when buying an inversion table. Spend some time by comparing the features of different inversion tables. Different brands try to cut the price and offer the best features in their inversion tables.

You should also search for such a brand and get the support of price comparison sites to find the best inversion table. This strategy will help you in saving time, finding the best equipment for relieving lower back pain and in saving your money.

Check the inversion table reviews

The best way of buying an inversion table is buying after checking the inversion table reviews. The spinal decompression therapy experts always review new equipment and share the details on their blogs. Search for such reviews and then buy an inversion table. You will never buy a poor quality inversion table, if you follow this approach.

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