Bageshwar is a small yet significant part of Uttarakhand. It is a spiritual place dedicated to Lord Shiva and situated on the conflux of Gomti and Darju rivers. Visit the quaint town for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best hotels in Bageshwar.

Uttarakhand is the land of Gods and there are numerous places sharing strong bonds with spirituality and Hindu gods and goddesses. Aptly set on the banks of the place where Gomti River meets Darju River (a tributary of Kali River), Bageshwar is yet another highly revered spiritual place in the state. It is basically a Lord Shiva town with the Lord being the prime deity in the region. The name of the town is a derivation of Vyaghreshwar which signifies Vyaghra Ishwar meaning Tiger God referred to Lord Shiva.

Set at an average altitude of 1,004 meters above the sea level and surrounded by thickly forested area, the place is very tranquil. It is a spiritual place with locals engaged primarily into agriculture and some small-scale trade. It is a slow-moving place filled with rustic and untouched charm of the old days. There exist a couple of highly revered places and popular tourist destinations in the town’s surrounding. Nainital, Ghorakhal, Sattal, Almora, etc. being the prominent ones.

It is only possible to access Bageshwar by road. The good thing is that it is very scenic and refreshing. The nearest airport to the town is at Pantnagar which is about 180 k.m. away. Besides, the nearest rail-head is about 160 k.m. away at a place called Kathgodam. Almora and Nainital are the two popular gateways to get into the religious town.

There is a large count of tourists visiting Almora and Nainital who also visit Bageshwar. It serves as a perfect excursion destination from these two tourist towns.

Bestowed with splendid nature, there is no shortage of allures to bewitch the nature-lovers. It is good to spend some time letting loose of all the worries at the place before heading to other popular destinations in the region. The place is scenic and photography is one of the most popular activities here. Nature walk, trekking, trying the sumptuous culinary cuisines, etc. are to name the other popular activities here.

As the place sees a continuous flow of tourists, the result is a large and wide concentration of hotels in Bageshwar. Most of the hotels are located in the main market area, which is quite small when compared to the markets of other popular tourist destinations. However, there are a couple of interesting things that can be bought.

There are numerous old and new temples scattered all over the region. They are the chief attractions of the place. Among them Baijnath temple and Bagnath temple are the most revered ones. The Bagnath Temple is located right at the center of the town and was built by the Kumaon ruler Laxmi Chand in 1450. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva and the temple’s location is on the conflux of Gomati and Sarayu rivers. The place is also recognized for the tourist destinations that are located in the vicinity. The most significant ones include: Kanda, Kapkot, Pindari Glacier, Pungar Valley, Pindari Glacier Trek, and Sunderdhunga Glacier.

In a nutshell, if you seek tranquility and solace to not just your mind but also to your soul, Bageshwar is the place to be. It is easily accessible and is a beautiful town where religion dominates all other aspects of the town.

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