Handmade jewelry is all about a distinct style statement, different from the crowd. But just like its distinct look and design, the way to care for it is also distinct from normal jewelry. Handmade jewelry is usually worn on a daily basis or if not, at least much more than those heavy traditional sets. This means they are more exposed to dirt and dust, and you will need to clean them often. Handmade jewelry is very delicate, and hence, it is justified that when cleaning it, you should be gentle as well. Here is all you need to know about caressing and storing those beautiful jewelry pieces.

A regular clean up is a must โ€“ The very first step towards having your handcrafted jewelry last longer is by cleaning it thoroughly. Handmade jewelry is often worn and thus requires a regular cleanup. The pieces come in contact with the oil of our skin and with other chemicals it touches. A cleaner should match with the primary material of the piece. For example, you cannot use the cleaner, which you use on gold or silver jewelry since it is manufactured to clean only particular metals. And you also need to be cautious of the cleaning procedure. Handmade jewelry is usually beaded and thus requires different cleaning process. You can buy metal cleaner in a solid or liquid form. Also, jewelry cleaning machines are available in the market for an easy and quick cleanup. If you want to avoid any cleaners, just soak the piece in lukewarm water for some time and pat dry.

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Ward off damage โ€“ It is always better to prevent something than finding a solution to its cure. The jewelry will be much easier to clean when it has not been damaged. So how must you prevent damage? Do not wear the piece when you engage in any outdoor activities like swimming, cycling, playing or doing any heavy work. Any contact with harsh chemicals and your jewelry will be permanently damaged. Also, for each metal, there are a few tips on how to prevent it from damage. Silver, for example, is very soft, so it is always best to remove it when you engage in any heavy activities.

Store well – Storing the jewelry properly is as important as its cleanup. Do not let your piece languish in the jewelry box or let it tarnish. The most important thing to remember is not storing the handmade jewelry in any open space since this only will lead to it tarnishing quicker. It is preferable to store each metal separately. Also, because the metals otherwise would cling together and cause damage to each other. And also, as said earlier, see it to that the pieces do not languish in the jewelry pouch for a long time. Wear them every once a while to ensure they do not go into disuse.

Anything crafted beautifully and delicately with hands needs to be looked after for a longer life. Let your stylish handmade jewelry last with you for a lifetime.


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