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becoming a vegan

Why Becoming A Vegan Can Make You Happier?

Each new year is a blank page that we can fill with anything we set our minds to. Why not dedicate your health to a big lifestyle change like becoming a vegan, and enjoy all the benefits that brings?

In case you’re wondering what these are, here’s exactly how not eating meat anymore will improve your life:

1. A healthy body means a healthy mind.

You may have tried to develop some healthy habits or change the way you eat in the past, but that’s too general. Most such goals are so vague, and we go after too big of a change, that we rarely have the patience to wait and keep working on it till we actually see results.

But becoming a vegan is specific enough to let you stay focused on this one thing until it becomes your second nature.

To get some motivation and begin this journey, I suggest you do some research. It’s time you educate yourself and see why meat isn’t good for anyone. But one thing that will surely come out of this, is that you’ll be healthier and your body, mind and soul will thrive.

2. We aren’t created to eat meat.

For a start, our bodies aren’t created to digest meat properly. We don’t have the intestines of carnivorous animals. Theirs are many times shorter which makes it easy for the meat to go through them and get out of the system. With us, however, things are slightly different. Our intestinal tract is 10 times our body length, which means it’s hard for the body to process foods that aren’t easily digestible and most of the times they stay there for longer.

We aren’t made for hunting either, obviously, as we aren’t given any claws or sharp front teeth.

3. It’s better for the environment.

If you want to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you must first become familiar with anything you do that’s bad for the planet. Well, meat comes on top of the list.

In fact, the situation is so bad, and the majority of people remain so blind for it, that TIME called the Earth a gigantic farm in this scary research-based article.

Here are some unpleasant facts that are a result of global meat production:

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– ‘Livestock production — which includes meat, milk and eggs — contributes 40% of global agricultural gross domestic product, provides income for more than 1.3 billion people and uses one-third of the world’s fresh water.’

– ‘1.3 billion tons of grain are consumed by farm animals each year.‘

– ‘In North America or Europe, a cow consumes about 75 kg to 300 kg of dry matter — grass or grain — to produce a kg of protein. In sub-Saharan Africa, a cow might need 500 kg to 2,000 kg of dry matter to produce a kg of protein.’

Once we do the math, we realize that in order for corporations to produce all the meat we’re going to eat in a year or so, the whole planet suffers, precious resources are being wasted, and our future is at stake.

But if more people become vegans, less meat will be produced, less farm animals will be raised solely for the purpose of being fed and turned into packaged food.

As a result, a shocking amount of water will be saved, which would otherwise be used to grow the crops for these animals. And believe it or not, by refusing to eat meat anymore, you’ll help prevent climate change (source).

becoming a vegan

4. We don’t need meat to be healthy.

If you decide to share with others that you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you might immediately hear this, ‘But how do you get proteins?’, ‘What do you eat then?’, ‘How do you build muscles and get energy?’

Such people are absolutely sure that food groups like meat, fish and dairies are what keeps us alive. However, the truth is far from that.

The foods our body really needs are fruits, veggies, legumes, seeds, etc.

5. Higher consciousness.

Being a meat-eater stops you from awakening and growing spiritually. It might be because you’re eating beings that were recently alive and which still carry some energy. And which most often died in unpleasant circumstances, and the fear and other negative emotions are still in their blood.
Or it might be because it’s just not natural to see an animal whose life was taken so that you can be fed, and not feel guilty about it and show some empathy.

By consuming meat, you’re rejecting your basic human traits, such as love for every being, being against any form of pain and cruelty, the deeper connection with yourself, and more.

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What people who eat meat are doing instead is this: they say ‘yes’ to killing innocent animals, to instant gratification and the gluttony, to following the crowd and doing and eating what’s considered the norm, to harming the environment and ruining their health.

If you want to reach a higher level of evolution, though, and start living more peacefully, ethically and happily, you might consider becoming a vegan this year.

6. Eating less or no meat isn’t a lifestyle change anymore, it’s a necessity.

You might have noticed that some of the most important resources on the planet are being wasted, such as water, energy and food. There’s also pollution, global warming, and way too many diseases.

So it’s our duty to do anything we can to minimize the consequences. For a start, becoming a vegetarian or vegan means saving ourselves, others around us, animals and the Earth in more than one way.

7. You’ll strengthen your immune system.

Did you know that people who don’t eat meat have stronger immune systems?

That’s mainly due to the fact that most diseases we suffer from these days come from meat, be it from something the animal itself had, the fact that most foods of that type are rarely fresh, aren’t made in the best conditions, or else.

As a bonus, you’ll be less likely to suffer from a heart disease, and cholesterol won’t be an issue anymore.

8. You’ll feel and look fresh.

Meat usually makes you tired, lazy, fat and even angry. You’re eating dead animals, after all, and most often the growth hormones farm animals are fed with.

When you ditch that and replace it with a plant-based diet, you’ll see exactly the opposite. Your skin will be glowing, you’ll be energetic and in a good mood, will focus more easily, sleep better, and even look younger.

becoming a veganSo, which one of these reasons is your favorite? Are you ready to become a vegan?

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