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before you try to get pregnantMotherhood! A moment all women adore.

Some women become pregnant unexpectedly, while some make a month or yearlong preparation to welcome a new member into their life.

While you can conceive anytime if you’re not on birth control or forget to take it some times, it’s better to make yourself ready both physically and mentally before you become pregnant.

We will discuss some crucial steps you should follow to get healthier before you try to get pregnant.

Most of these steps will help you stay healthy and prepare your body to give birth to a healthy child, but some of the steps need your partner’s cooperation because your child’s health depends on your partner as well.

Ways To Get Healthier Before

You Try To Get Pregnant

1. Have a Preconception Checkup

Consult an ob-gyn or a family doctor about your plan to get a baby.

The doctor will check your personal health history, as well as you and your partner’s family medical history. You and your partner must have a generic carrier screening before you try to conceive.

Your baby could be at high risk of getting any inherited disease if both you and your partner are carriers of those diseases.

2. Take Folic Acid Supplements

Don’t forget to take folic acid supplements if you’re planning to have a baby.

Lack of folic acid may put you at risk of having a baby with neural-tube defects.

Consult with your doctor and take a prescribed amount of folic acid supplements every day. You can find the supplements at your nearby drugstore, or you can receive regular multivitamins.

3. Say No to Drinking & Smoking

If you’re a chain smoker or heavy drinker, it’s time to say goodbye to these bad habits.

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Excessive drinking can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, as well as low-birth-weight babies. Smoking and drinking can hurt your fertility and your partner’s sperm count.

Secondary smoking can cut your chances of getting pregnant. So, if your partner is a smoker, tell him to quit right now.

4. Curb Your Caffeine Intake

If you’re one of those who can’t live without their favorite coffee, it’s time to reconsider this habit.

It’s not sure exactly how much caffeine is safe for your body during pregnancy, but some studies show excessive caffeine consumption may increase the risk of miscarriage.

If you’re preparing yourself to get pregnant soon, it’s the right time you start having a moderate amount of coffee or tea.

5. Try to Maintain a Proper Weight

You may have difficulty in conceiving if you don’t support a healthy weight.

Whether you’re overweight or underweight, both can make it hard for you to become pregnant, or having difficult times during pregnancy.

Consult with your doctor or nutritionist and follow a proper diet and regular exercise to gain the right weight. It will help you have a good time during your pregnancy.

6. Try to Do Some Exercises

As you’re trying to be fit and healthy for your future pregnancy, you must include an exercise program into your fitness plan.

You can try some moderate exercises like walking, and cycling. You can also do some weight training upon discussing with your instructor.

Some yoga poses such as double pigeon, legs up the wall, butterfly, and hip circles help open, nourish, and relax your reproductive organs.

7. Watch Your Fish for Mercury

If you’re fond of fish and seafood, you need to be careful.

Fish is an excellent source of vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and some other nutrients. But some fish contain mercury, a life-threatening component.

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Do intense research on the fish you’re consuming. Your doctor can also give you a list of fish you can’t eat.

8. Pay a Visit to Your Dentist

Hormonal ups and down during pregnancy can make you more susceptible to gum disease.

You may develop a red, swollen, and tender gums and have bleeding when brushing your teeth.

If you consult a dentist before you’re pregnant, you can cut down the possibility of having these issues.

9. Start a Healthy Diet

You’re not pregnant yet, but you should still make healthy food choices.

Replace your junk foods with fresh fruits, your favorite soda with fruit juice. Try to consume fresh vegetables every day and make sure your regular diet has all the necessary nutrients for a healthy body.

Put milk or yogurt in your regular diet as they are high in calcium. Consume a variety of protein sources, such as nuts, beans, and meats.

10. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Depression and anxiety can lead to infertility and tough time during pregnancy.

Anxiety and stress can wreak havoc on your body. You may have trouble conceiving or suffer from severe physical problems when you’re pregnant.

While having a regular checkup with your doctor, try to have one or two sessions with a psychologist as well. It will help you become mentally strong for your future pregnancy.

Bottom Line

Having a child isn’t a child’s play, it’s a lifetime commitment. So, before you conceive or plan to conceive you must make sure you and your partner are ready for it.

Sit with your partner and have a proper discussion about your future pregnancy that will change both of your lives. Get yourself ready both mentally and physically.

May you enjoy a safe pregnancy and fantastic parenthood.

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