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Cats and dogs are the top two pet choices in the world! It seems though that cats typically take the lead. This is likely due to an assortment of factors including their mental, emotional and physical benefits to our lives! The following are eight of the many benefits of owning a cat.

Benefits Of Owning A Cat

They make wonderful companions

Cats are usually pretty friendly and loving. Occasionally a cat may find someone that they don’t like but, for the most part, they will accept just about anybody. Most felines will form a bond with one particular family member that is stronger than their attachment to anyone else. It is this relationship between feline and human that will be nearly impossible to break. The cat will want to spend every moment with this person and participate in almost anything that they are doing. This could include doing the laundry, cooking, playing, and napping. They are always there for their best friend!

They are usually good with children

Cats do make excellent companions, and this remains true for households with children, as well. Most felines are very gentle towards humans, especially young children. There are times when a kitty may reach his limit or desire alone time when he will remove himself from the situation. It is also likely that the child may pull the kitty’s tail or fur which may result in a scratch or hiss from the kitty. But, he doesn’t mean any harm it is simply how the kitty instinctively reacts. Overall, a cat that has been raised alongside children will enjoy being around them and will be their furry playmate.

They are playful

Kittens are obviously known as being playful and curious creatures. However, these characteristics tend to stick around well into a feline’s adulthood. It isn’t until a kitty approaches his senior years that he begins to slow down. Their playful nature not only keep things entertaining for you and your family but if you choose to participate in playtime with your feline then it will also benefit you! Playing with your kitty can increase your heart rate thus serving as an exercise for the both of you. This playtime can also help to improve your mood!

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They increase your mood (and decrease your stress)

This is probably one of the best reasons to own a cat. Most of our lives are so stressful, overwhelming and rushed that at the end of the day we need something or someone to cheer us up. A cat is an excellent option in this case! Studies have shown that cats improve our moods and help reduce our stress levels simply by being there! Petting a cat is said to reduce blood pressure and listening to a cat purr is said to reduce your risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. This is likely due to how calming it is to cuddle up with a feline!

They can keep your secrets

Sometimes the one thing that we need at the end of the day is someone to talk to. Unfortunately, we live in a world where much of what is said between friends is shared with others. It can be very discouraging to share our thoughts, and the only alternative could be to keep it all inside. However, a cat is a friend that will sit and listen without interruption, opinion or judgment. They will simply curl up on your lap and let you vent. They will also let you cry as much as you need to. Your secret crush at school, your deepest regrets, and your biggest dreams are all safe with your feline friend!

They teach responsibility

Owning a cat is not all fun and games. They require a lot of time, attention, effort, and daily basic care to live long and happy lives. Owning a cat takes responsibility to provide them with the life they deserve, every single day. Whether you are a college student living on your own for the first time, a young couple just starting out or a parent of young children, you may find that a cat is just what you need to teach responsibility.

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The young college student has never been on her own before and will find companionship and accountability in sharing her small off-campus apartment with a feline. The young couple that is just starting out may be discussing their future plans of buying a home, getting married and having children but, they are not quite ready to take such big leaps. Bringing a kitty into their home will help them grow as individuals, as a couple and help them see what the future could look like should they stay together. The parent of young children may be searching for a way to teach her kids responsibility. A cat would be an excellent option! While the young children should not be in charge of cleaning litter boxes, they could be responsible for brushing her, feeding her by low tracking cat litter and making sure she has plenty of water every day.

They improve your life and provide self-worth

Depression is an all too common illness among people of all ages, religions, races, and marital statuses. Some people fall into a depression so deep that it seems there is no way out. Sometimes, the best therapy for these people is to be around (or own) a cat. Cats have been known to improve one’s life with their pure, gentle and nonjudgmental nature. They can also help someone find a purpose that they may not have considered otherwise.

They recognize your emotional state and demonstrate empathy

Cats are extremely sensitive to the emotional state of their humans. They feel their happiness, their stress, their sadness and their anger. They will then respond according to their instincts. For example, if they feel like their humans are happy they may head-butt them, or attempt to initiate play with them. Alternatively, if they feel that their humans are upset, then they will usually be gentle and empathetic knowing that purring and their presence is all we need at that moment.

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