Every successful blogger understands the importance of regularity of their blog posts. If there is a reader who likes your blog, they will return to see if there is something new you put out. And if they do not find anything new, they will be disappointed not to have found what they were looking for. When regularity is most compromised, it is extremely irritating (remember how season 6 of a certain popular TV show started airing in late April this year, while the previous season had started in early April?) Therefore, we must try to do our best to keep our blog posts regular.

However, there is no blogger in the world, whose daily activities would be exclusively limited to blogging. We all have other things to do now and then. There can be a thousand and one possible good reasons why a blogger can deviate from the schedule that they had set for themselves. You can have a regular job apart from blogging, you can have a fascinating journey to an exotic country, you can have personal matters to attend to, you can have (God forbid!) health issues, someone in your family can have health issues, and you may need to take care of them…

But no worries! There are various tools for delayed action for your blog. Regardless of which engine you are using for your blog, it is not hard to find an add-on or plug-in or other software to schedule the publication of a previously written blog post. The benefits of delayed action for blogging are clear. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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1. You don’t need to worry about urgency.
We have already mentioned one of the perks of delayed action. You don’t need to worry about sitting and writing a blog post at a particular time to keep your blog posts regular. If you have other matters to attend to, you can just write a post beforehand and schedule the time and date of its publication.
Speaking of which…

2. You don’t have to sacrifice your other habits and activities.
In fact, you don’t need (although it is recommended for effective blogging) to schedule any particular regular time for writing your blog posts. You can just write when you want to, when you feel like it. Then you set your delayed action tool to have your posts published at a particular time of your choice.

3. You can write only when you are inspired.
When we write because we have to, our end results of such efforts will look forced. Well, this is because they will actually be forced.
On the other hand, when your posts are scheduled, their regularity is the responsibility of your delayed action tool, not yours.

4. The fun of writing stays with you.
Whatever it is that we like to do, a big part of liking anything is the fact that you don’t have to do it. Having to do something, however, inevitably sucks the fun out of it. And writing is no exception.
Implementing delayed action for your blog will allow you the luxury of writing only when you feel like doing it, only when you have the inspiration and time. And you can take our word for it, the readers always notice such details.

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5. Your timing will be more precise.
It is not too bold to say that when you publish your blog posts when they are ready, you cannot really say that they are regular because the timing will always vary, even if slightly. This leads to your esteemed reader not knowing when exactly to expect the next piece from his favorite blogger.
And this leads us to our last but not least point for today:

6. Your readers will be more satisfied and loyal.
When you set the exact time and date of publication yourself, then your blog posts will appear with an extremely precise regularity, like clockwork (given, of course, that you have enough blog posts ready for publishing). This way, your audience will know exactly when to expect for your new fantastic post to come out. It is much like waiting for a new issue of your favorite magazine or a Saturday morning cartoon show. The anticipation of a reader is accurately realized, thus giving him the feeling of satisfaction. And, as we all know, reader’s satisfaction ultimately leads to reader’s loyalty. We do want to keep our readership satisfied and loyal, don’t we?

So, try to add delayed action publishing for your blog. Write only what and when you want. Write with fun and inspiration without sacrificing the regularity of your blog posts. Let your audience know exactly when to expect more of your awesome posts and make it easy for yourself to keep to your word. Keep your readers excited with anticipation and satisfied with their anticipations coming to reality.

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