Even if you have no intentions of starting more than one company, when it comes to running your business more efficiently, you need to think like an entrepreneur. Of course, thinking like an entrepreneur means educating yourself like an entrepreneur. For most people, the obvious answer would be “take a class in business management” or something similar. While that might help, the fact is you can find every resource you need online without ever leaving your home. Don’t believe me? Check out these four educational resources that are guaranteed to make you a better entrepreneur all around.

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better entrepreneur1. Global Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma has been known as the industry standard for business improvement methodology used by many Fortune 500 companies for more than 30 years. Their training and certification services not only provide the skills needed to get the job done right, but also the credentials to prove that you’re informed and competent in critical areas of business management and operation. For example, having a Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification on your resume will look good if you’re ever pitching a business plan to potential investors.

2. Moz Academy

Nowadays reaching the pinnacle of entrepreneurship means being web-savvy. If you want complete control and understanding over your online endeavors, you need to become educated on the topics of search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing. Moz Academy provides short but effective lessons on content marketing, raising brand awareness, link earning and all other aspects of SEO.

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3. Authority from Copyblogger Media

Authority is an advanced content marketing training course and community offered by Copyblogger. Content marketing is a crucial aspect of raising brand awareness and generating sales revenue regardless of the industry or niche your business operates in. Joining this private community will give you access to monthly webinars, coaching calls, direct Q&A sessions, and an incredibly useful library of more than 230 hours of content marketing training.

4. Lynda.com

Lynda has been around as an educational resource for online businesses and webmasters since the 90’s. Visit their home page and you’ll see they provide access to thousands of individual courses hosted by experts from around the world. You could probably spend every hour of the day on this site and not run out of content for several years. If you’re looking for an abundant library of educational content on topics that include business, leadership, marketing, project management, CAD, audio+ music, design, and photography, then Lynda is certainly worth checking out.

better entrepreneurDo All of the Above, and Then Do More

Imagine how much knowledge you could gain by utilizing all four of the above resources. Now what if you went and took another four courses, or made it your goal to start a course or explore at least one resource every day? What if you start integrating these educational materials into your routine? Do you see how all of this might lead to you becoming the most knowledgeable entrepreneur you can be? The cool part is, once you start learning, it won’t feel like school, it will feel more like your gaining business super powers!

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