We should look to the mind, and not to the outward appearance. ~ Aesop

We were born from the darkness of an abstract mind that reveals itself through our inherited tools. Tools such as the ability to see in the darkness when the sun is only a light principle. Therefore, we must become our own light source and radiate upon all, through our black mind that illuminates.

What is light? We can say the radiance or illumination from a particular source: the light of a candle, would be a good and simple definition. We could get into atoms, waves, energy, ultraviolets, quantums, rays, but that would only become a totally intellectual conversation with chances of taking us deeper into darkness. The goal of a black mind that illuminates is that of taking something and giving new life to it, rather its a meaning, formula or some other construct. A black mind is a mind of its origins–the beginning—the before let there be light.

When we think of black, we may think of race but I assure you that race is only a parable. First there is darkness, and as the darkness is creating—different shades start to emerge as experience is building and; thus, becoming lighter and lighter. Those who are prejudice against these metaphors are those who are parasites within the mind, without knowledge of their hatred—they are like puppets with unseen strings. These unseen strings could be connected to those memories yet forgotten of yesterday’s or of past lives within the DNA.

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To take something and give new life to it through artistic expression is a sign of a black mind that illuminates. The idea begins in the mind and it goes through a process of information—the lighter that idea becomes, the more clearer it becomes which challenges the original idea. One that gives new life to oneself is the goal of all black mind initiates—there are no small steps here, what we would deem as small in this field are all big steps. The smallest adjustment one makes can save lifetimes of work. We all ascend eventually, whether its mechanically or consciously. Mechanical-wise, it would indeed take more lifetimes, or more tomorrow’s perhaps.

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We can look at the mind in three parts:
1. Black-Mind: Eternal self, Real self, Positive, God within-self
2. Gray-Mind: Neutral self, Separation, Shadow, Communicator between black and white mind.
3. White-Mind: E(e)go self, Negative, False self

To have a little more fun with this, we can think of the black and white-mind as the parents of the gray-mind. Hence, a child being neutral to its environment before indoctrination. Neutral, Positive & Negative in which we all need in order to progress. One could argue and say that the parts are racist, (lol) but against who? Yourself? That’s what all of this is about—yourself. We have black, white and gray to work with. You cannot say that your ego is white, can you? Or that your positivity is black as in another person? No, but if we would like to look at it that way would be to invite a thief in our houses—while we complain and discuss this matter, the thief has left with several valuables.

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