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We all want to stay fit and healthy, but do we take care of our diet plans? It’s important to be health conscious because the healthier our body is, the better our brain works.

But, why you should be so much concerned about having a sharp brain? If you have a creative mind, you can stay ahead in the competition and no one can stop you at becoming successful. But, it’s merely not possible unless you eat foods that can transform your brain into a creative think tank.

There is an excessive number of edibles available in the market, but we have to be habitual of those that can boost the creative level of our brain. As someone who has expertise in it, I recommend foods that are easy to buy and extremely sufficient to unlock the right channels of mind.

Let’s start with the first one.

1) GreenTea

Many people consider it as an ultimate source of reducing weight. It’s true that green tea can help a person get into shape in less time. But, it’s also a fantabulous source to rejuvenate the blocked circuits of brain. Entrepreneurs, genuine writers and artistic individuals drink green tea frequently in order to stay healthy and energized.

2) Eggs

Egg is filled with lots of calories, or so says many doctors to their patients. However, egg is also one of the healthiest foods to enhance creativity. I recommend people to add eggs to their daily diet plans to sharpen the most upper part of body. People who are still unaware of its qualities should know that egg contains choline. It’s an essential nutrient that doubles the power of brain significantly.

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3) Nuts

If you want to be counted in the list of creative people at the office or anywhere, make sure to add nuts to your diet. It offers enormous benefits to a brain and could be a perfect choice to keep the creative level activated. Nut is also the best protector against Alzheimer? It’s a disease that causes severe loss to a memory.

4) Alcohol

You must have seen people who are great thinkers are habitual of alcohol. We often treat such people as a bad example to our children, but in reality they are more creative than an ordinary person. Although frequent use of alcohol could be dangerous to health and can also cause liver cancer. But, using it to revitalize mind is not bad at all.

Creative people often look for a moment to think in a unique way and alcohol could the best choice for this purpose. While drinking alcohol, brain goes into its comfort zone and starts thinking out-of-the-box.

5) Fruits

I think many people reading this article love fruits, but how often does eat it is important. Do we really go to markets to buy fresh fruits? If no, then the time has arrived when we have to add fruits to our healthy diet plans, because it’s a nature’s gift to stay sharp-minded.

6) Coffee

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like to have a cup of coffee at least once in a day. It’s a vital source to improve immune system and an essential dose to overcome depression. Having a cup of coffee early at the office would be beneficial and would charge you up for better inputs.

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Remember, coffee is simply not a good option to have before sleep. If you are drowsy and need some relaxation to refresh your memory, keep yourself away from coffee as the caffeine present in it would prevent you from proper sleeping.

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Christina Matthew is a health and meditation expert who loves sharing helpful tips on health and fitness. When not working, she helps her friend manage an essay writing firm in the UK.

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