Bucharest, the Romanian capital since 1862, is today one of the fastest-growing cities in this part of the world. The first information about the name of the town, which has a long history, dates back to 1459. 

The name Bucharest is thought to derive from “Bucur Gelen” which means pleasure and happiness. Bucharest is one of the most prosperous cities in Romania, its historical structure, natural beauties, and cultural representation draw more and more attention. 

It’s also home to thousands of international students that arrive each year in a more significant number — known as the “Pearl of Eastern Europe” for its unique architecture, entertaining nightlife with famous Bucharest Bachelor parties and other artistic internationally distinguished activities. 

Down below, we will point out some of the most notable landmarks in this great city that you have to visit while you are there. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting for just one day or a full party weekend like many others. All it matters is that you see them for the proper dosage of cultural shock.


Parliament Building

Bucharest Parliament Building, which has a very ornate architecture, different from most of the world’s parliament buildings, is about 84 meters high. In addition to the feature of Parliament, this building has three museums and a conference hall. 

The Parliament Building, built after the earthquake that devastated Bucharest in 1977, is situated on an area of ​​approximately 365 acres.


National Museum of History

The National History Museum, built in the late 19th century by Săvulescu, the prominent Romanian architect, is one of the most excellent examples of neoclassical architecture. The building, which served as a post office building for a while.

It now serves as a museum that contains many famous works of Romanian history and culture. It welcomes its visitors five days a week.


Cotroceni Palace

Built in the last quarter of the 19th century and used by the Romanian ruler Carol I, is one of the unique buildings in Europe. Cotroceni Palace, which served as the Prime Ministry building in the 1990s, was a place where many important decisions raised in the past. 

The building, which suffered significant damage during the earthquake in 1977, has been restored to its original authenticity. It is only used for touristic purposes today, and it operates as a museum containing many works belonging to the Romanian dynasty.


Cismigiu Gardens

Chişmigui, one of the most frequented places in Bucharest among the architectural buildings, is a place that gives peace to its visitors with its lush green view in the middle of the city. This unique location, built on an area of ​​16 acres with artificial lakes, is the most frequented relaxing spot for both locals and tourists.


Triumphal Arch

The Victory Arch, which stands in the most central part of Bucharest in memory of the Romanians’ independence from the Ottoman Empire, is 27 meters high. 

This structure, which is very similar to the Triumphal Arch in Paris is the centre of the national independence day celebrations. 

Built-in 1935 and has a unique look at night; the Triumphal Arch is one of the must-see places in Bucharest.


Nightlife in Bucharest

Bucharest, which has some of the most famous European entertainment and dance venues, offers its guests great nightly entertainment. 


You can enjoy entertainment and dance at the venues on Smardan Street and everywhere around famous Lipscani. The Old town, as others might call it, has some of the most famous places in the nightlife of Europe.


How to Get from Bucharest Airport to City Center

You can reach the city centre from Bucharest Airport by bus, train, and taxi. Buses operate between 05.30 and 22.30 and depart from the stops at the exit of the airport. These buses take you to the city centre after a journey of approximately 45 minutes. If you prefer a train to reach the city centre, your journey will take about 1 hour. 

For more convenient transportation, you can use the taxi options at the airport. You can create a more comfortable travel experience by taking advantage of car rental service that is also not very expensive.

Bucharest City Transportation

Bucharest is well developed in terms of city transport and has the best transport network in Romania. You can go to any region in the city by metro, bus, tram, minibus, and trolleybuses. The city’s public transport network operated by Metrorex is one of the most developed in the European Union. It is possible to walk around the city easily thanks to the four subway lines M1, M2, M3, M4 which operate between 05.00 and 23.00

When to Visit Bucharest

Bucharest has a continental climate. Summers are sweltering, and winters are mildly cold and snowy. For this reason, it is the right choice to plan a trip to the city in spring and autumn. Especially in April, May, June, September, and October, you can spend a delightful holiday. But don’t forget to be cautious at all times and bring thick clothes and raincoats with you, as you will be at risk of rain in the fall.


Festivals in Bucharest

Bucharest has a colourful and fun social life, and various festivals welcome everyone throughout the year. You can have a much more joyful holiday by planning your travel plan according to the dates of the celebrations. 

Best fest Music Festival (July)

Bucharest Biennial (May)

Bucharest Tennis Tournament (September)

European Festival (May)

Modern Dance Festival (October)


Where to Stay in Bucharest

Bucharest consists of 6 district-like regions. Sector 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are among the most suitable for accommodation. Since transportation is very straightforward in the city, you can easily reach the area you want and enjoy your trip. In these regions, there are different hotel options to suit almost any budget. 

You can comfortably choose the hotel that suits you and your budget and still have a lot of money in your pocket to spend elsewhere.


What to Eat in Bucharest

In the Romanian cuisine, which is very close to Ottoman cuisine, you can find similar tastes from pickles to tripe soup and from vegetable soup to cabbage wraps. 

When you go to Bucharest, do not return without tasting the “Papanashi” dessert made from cream cheese and blueberry jam on the fried dough, the meatballs are known as “Mici” as well as the famous sausage called “Carnatic”.

Shopping Opportunities in Bucharest

Bucharest is famous for shopping tourism. It’s home to various antique shops, open-air markets and many unique boutique shops where you can buy crafts, and clothes from Romanian culture and traditions. Zafer Boulevard is the most preferred boulevard for shopping of this kind. 

Numerous shopping centres like Mario Plaza, Afi Palace Cotroceni and Sun Plaza, are full of goods from world-famous brands at low prices. You can also choose markets such as Obor Market, Amzei Market, and South Market for a prolonged shopping spree.


In Conclusion

Bucharest is one of a kind Eastern-European capital that recently became popular for its provocative parties. With more than the affordable offer of nearly everything you lay your eyes upon and vibrating venues full of busting energy, the city is guaranteed to succeed in entertaining anyone. 

Cities restaurant with its mouth-watering menus will win your heart, and countless historical landmarks will capture your mind forever. 

Remember to visit Bucharest before it gets overrun by hordes of tourists as this city is seeing the skyrocketing number of tourists that visit it annually.


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