Getting your start-up business off the ground takes a great deal of effort, with long hours and lots of hard work, so it’s vital to invest time and money into key areas to ensure that it becomes a solid success. The visual identity of your business is one of the most important points to focus on right from the start.

Brand Consistency

There are so many visual ways to market your brand these days, whether it be in the form of flyers, business cards, stationery, display advertising or your company’s website. It is so important that your brand’s image is consistent across all marketing platforms and that it contains a steady visual language wherever it is seen. Not only does this help to build your brand’s visual identity, but it also helps customers to take you seriously and know that they’re not confusing you with another company, or that there has been a change in ownership.

Reputation is key for start-ups and a strong business image creates the impression of reliability and financial stability.

Professional Logo

Having an appealing logo is central in attracting your target market, so it is worth spending the time creating a strong and memorable design. Whilst some people understandably try to save money by designing their own logo when starting-up, it would be wise to hire a creative expert to work with you from scratch unless you have professional experience in graphic design.

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A quality logo is able to convey the nature and character of your business so that a potential customer can easily gauge whether your company is one that is modern, traditional, corporate, fun, chic or perhaps budget. Therefore, it is essential that your logo and all other visual marketing materials match the personality and message that you wish to send to consumers.

Website Graphic Design

Nowadays, many people that come into contact with your business will visit your website either from the outset or after having become a customer. Websites need to be both user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing. Careful consideration should be given to elements such as page layout, menu navigation and font style.

Try to steer clear of fancy features and gimmicks such as Flash intros which may seem trendy, but are now considered to be outdated and annoy many site visitors enough to make them click off the page.

If you’re choosing to include photos on your website, it is better to select your own unique photos rather than stock photos that your visitors may see elsewhere on the Internet making your business look cheap.

Longevity Of Your Visual Identity

When you’re thinking about your visual identity, you need to look to the future and think about any expansion or diversification plans for your business, so that your logo and visual marketing are created to be all-encompassing of your long-term strategies.

It is crucial to invest thought, time and money into the appearance of your business as it communicates to the customer the level of quality that your company will deliver. When it comes to business start-ups, first impressions really do matter.

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Author Bio:

Natalie Sullivan is the Founder of Design FX Studio, a leading graphic and website design agency in the South East. Natalie has been helping SME’s improve their visual communications and corporate image since 1993.

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