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anal itchingAn itch around your bottom is not only embarrassing but also highly uncomfortable. If you have anal itching it may be difficult to refrain from scratching, which only worsens the problem. While doctors may not always find a reason for the itching, a coterie of bad habits or health issues are bound to trigger it. If the doctor is not able to find the problem, you can try some ointments which you can order online. An example of a good and efficient cure is Pranicura. You can check their website here.

We spoke with an expert in the field and he mentioned several causes of Anal Itching. Continue reading to know the top 10 causes of anal itching.

The Top 10 Causes Of Anal Itching

anal itching

1. Hygiene

Failure to wipe well after taking a dump can cause adverse burning and itching. Therefore, you should gently wipe the anal area with a piece of unscented and dye-free toilet paper. If the area is prone to irritation, you can use a hair dryer set on low heat to dry it. However, you ought to ensure that you keep the dryer at a safe distance from the anal region.

2. Being Overly Clean

Wiping vigorously may not only trigger itching but also make it worse. Refrain from using soap, medicated powders, deodorants, hot water, or perfumed sprays, as they cause the destruction of the oily skin layer that protects the anal area.

3. Diet

People who are frequent coffee drinkers have an astronomically high likelihood of having anal itching. Coffee loosens anal muscles, thereby causing stool to leak out, which in turn causes itchiness. Other culprits of anal irritation are:

  • Spicy foods
  • Nuts and chocolate
  • Dairy products
  • Beer
  • Energy drinks
  • Tomatoes
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Tea
  • Cola

4. Underwear

Those who wear synthetic or tight-fitting underwear face the common problem of moisture absorption in their nether regions. Thus, they should switch to properly-fitting cotton underwear as they are absorbent. Moreover, they should wear clean and dry underwear every day and wash them with fragrance-free soaps or detergent.

5. Stool

Passing out lots of watery stool in addition to frequent wiping can cause irritation in the anal area. Additionally, you may also encounter pain and itchiness if you are constipated. An increment in fiber and fluids in your daily diet goes a long way in curbing anal itching. If that fails to work, then you should consult your doctor to treat the underlying cause with medication or other diet alterations.

6. Hemorrhoids

These refer to swollen veins in your anus which lead to burning or itching sensations. Sitting in a warm water bath for at least 10 minutes a day after taking a dump notably assists in preventing or treating hemorrhoids.

7. Anal Fissures

These are minute sores or cuts (fissures) which open up inside your anus, thereby causing itching and pain. Those who suffer from constipation have a greater likelihood of getting anal fissures since large or hard stool causes tears in the lining. Anal fissures may also be caused by the renowned Crohn’s Disease (inflammation of the bowels).

8. Anal Fistula

It is a tunnel which connects an adverse infection inside your anus with the outer skin, causing a leakage in fluids which irritate the skin, triggering itchiness and pain. Radiation, Cancer, and Crohn’s Disease astronomically increase your likelihood of getting Anal Fistula.

9. Infections

Anal itching could stem from fungi, such as those which cause vaginal yeast infections, in addition to particular types of bacteria. For instance, a staph skin infection could also occur in the anal region. Furthermore, the same type of bacteria which leads to strep throat may also be the root cause of an itchy and red rash around the anus.

10. Warts

The Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a Sexually Transmitted Disease which leads to anal warts that not only grow inside but also around your anus causing itching. Those who suspect that they may have genital warts ought to see a doctor immediately, failure to which they enlarge and multiply. Untreated warts have a 70% chance of causing anal cancer.

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